Yogathroughalens... November by Kian West


YOGA01"The stairs leading down from Shepherd’s Hill to King Edward Park are long and curvy and I really like taking photos where you can use the curve of the landscape. I was actually surprised by this photo because I had fully expected to position myself in the wrong spot on the steps and for it to look weird. But I didn’t. I got exactly what I wanted on the first go. Sometimes I don’t go to certain places where I think a yoga photo will look good because I think there will be too many people, or it’ll take too long to get the right shot. I guess that’s the lesson in it all. You should try to do something before deciding that you can’t. Don’t give up before you’ve at least attempted it. This is tree pose and I used to struggle to hold my leg up and balance it properly. Now, I love that this is much easier for me and the focus needed to balance allows me to calm my mind and be in the moment. And that is the best place to be. " Thanks,


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