Fresh to Newie: Stepping Stone Studio by Kian West


One of the perks of writing for Newcastle Mirage is the invitations you get to visit new and exciting developments in our amazing city, such as the freshest of fresh: Stepping Stone Studio. 1800400_479240545515143_2024071473_n Well, to be perfectly honest, my mother is actually cooler than I am - she set up the introduction in typical fashion, dropping my name while she was checking out the studio and mentioning (I imagine it went like this), "My son writes in a local magazine, the Mirage" (or something similar) then probably pulled out baby photos or something equally embarrassing before handing over one of my business cards. Who needs a PR when you have a mum like that?

So Cate gave me a call and we set up a time to stop by SSS and chat all things art and such. I was lucky enough to meet one of the other in-house contributors, Nadia (left in image), who is originally from Port Macquarie and moved here about 5 years ago. I'm assuming because Newcastle is such a hot-bed of activity, but she could have her own reason...

I also met with Catherine (right in image), the reason I was visiting in the first place. Cate has moved to Newcastle recently to further her studies at the University of Newcastle. She has traveled some way to be here, hailing from some outback town outside of Geelong (I don't remember specifically). If you don't know where Geelong is, shame on you! It is in Victoria, the state below NSW with 4 seasons in one day.

Stepping Stone Studio is a Fresh Renew Newcastle addition inside the shop where Go-Lo previously lived at the bottom of Market Square, below Pocket Design. Their agenda (apparently according to the website) is to create ‘A diverse, thriving and valued community of Newcastle Artists creating and selling Art work together in a nourishing, inclusive and fun environment’.

"Stepping Stone Studios is an inviting and friendly Art studio and exhibition space located in the heart of Newcastle. Stepping Stone is proud to be part of the Renew Newcastle project. Through the Renew Newcastle, this space was offered to local artist for use as an Art space. The opportunity was taken up with enthusiasm and the space was soon overrun with a diverse community of artists.

The Art work at Stepping Stone is for sale! Any purchase made will be helping to grow and encourage our talented local art community and support the Renew Newcastle project.  At Stepping Stone you can discover small items that are great for gifts or adding colour to your home. You can also find treasures both for little kids and big kids (adults). With a diverse group of Artists we can boast a diverse collection of artworks in a range of themes, mediums , sizes, shapes and colours!"

Shop 7a and 7b Market Square, Hunter Street Mall, Hunter Street Newcastle 2300

Stepping Stone Studio opening hours:

Wednesday to Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 2pm.