Having fun at School, Playground Sounds by Kian West

It is pretty incredible watching a school full of students all dancing around and having fun, knowing that they are also doing something good for their bodies and minds. It's pretty impressive once you realise this idea came out of our own home town. 

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PLACES WE LOVE: 90 Degree Studio by Kian West


A fresh addition to the Musos Corner building is the 90 Degree Studio, a state-of-the-art Studio, training facility and accredited TAFE school.

Place: 90 Degree Studio (above Musos Corner) Address: 1 National Park Street, Newcastle West NSW 2300 Hours:

90 degree studio 2
90 degree studio 2

Why We Love it: Providing people with new skills in a fresh and engaging way is what we are all about. If you are thinking about learning some production skills for your band or making electronic music then they should be the first stop.