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PLACES WE LOVE: by Kian West


Yardsale 1Their Facebook blurb tells us they are a "Lifestyle store" but what does that mean? We aren't really sure, but we do know they are full of cool stuff. Some stuff is stuff you NEED maybe a new coat, bag or accessories... While other stuff you need (WANT) full of decedent travel treats, man stuff like beard balm, girl stuff like cute x10 shoes. Stop by, take a poke around. Trust us.  






Yardsale 3 Place: Address: 94 Maitland Rd. Islington -> Hours:

Thurs - Sat:

Yardsale 2

Why We Love it: They Stock Mirage! Well, that is just one of the lush reasons that we love them. They are located down at the bottom end just off Beaumont Street, kind of near Islington Park, in this rad little strip of shops around the corner from Suspension Espresso so you can easy stop by after scoring that morning (or afternoon) coffee hit and grab some gifts.