Have you taken a Soundbite... by Kian West

This particular Thursday, last week, I stopped by The Edwards for a couple of beverages and to check out their night "Soundbite" a musical pairing to food. The idea is that an album is selected, a classic album, this time it was Dj Shadow's 'Entroducing' ....

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Moneyperry... November by Kian West


I'm a newcomer to Newcastle and one thing you notice when you don't have a decade-spanning memory of the city is the separation between the populated parts of town that seem to have been chosen to act as hubs for entirely random reasons. Darby Street and Beaumont street (to name two of the most prominent) are like self-contained islands divided by tectonic distances of very little (unless you're in the market for used cars or a trip to a brothel) with no clear path or plan to link the two. PDUFFIN01

The day-to-day result of living decentralised is that you spend much of your time drifting through the 'no-wheres' on the way to the 'somewheres'. I don't want to compare the wander between Beaumont Raj and The Grainstore to any significant human accomplishment but life here has given me an appreciation of the Polynesian cultures that would have had to tally up hundreds of hours at sea, carving across the murky void to the next habitable island.




I take my camera everywhere and, like everyone, my shots are mostly happy snaps of food and friends in the deliberately curated and population-rich parts of town. I'm starting to become more interested in documenting the part of Newcastle I spend an equal amount of time and yet never think about - transit.








ROUTE 94 × MY LOVE [WBBL REMIX] Everyone is falling in love with Route 94 at the moment, especially the super deep and groovy tune 'My Love'. The vocal on this track is one of the sexiest and catchiest I’ve heard in a long time making it a future classic for sure. WBBL is one of my favorite (and before now quite secret) remixer/producers as he flawlessly blends Glitch, Hip Hop, House and Funk music. He smashes this remix by slowing down the tempo and adding an extra dirty base line that will sound good even if sped up. Definitely one for a chilled out set but you could really drop this any time.

D’ANGELO × SPANISH JOINT [KERO ONE REMIX] It’s very hard to get any better than D’angelo when it comes to Soul music – or any music for that matter. If you ask me, every track on both of his albums are pretty much perfect in terms of songwriting, groove and overall sexiness. I stumbled across this remix of Spanish Joint not long ago and was impressed how it kept the feel and vibe of the original version (not a small feat!). D’s voice remains smooth as butter through the added subtle synth lines, dancier drum beats and a piano EQ’d to sound like a 1940’s jazz recording. One of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in the past few months.

SHIFT K3Y × TOUCH [SHIFT K3Y REMIX] Released in March, Shift K3Y has produced a House track that will be the summer anthem for lots of party goers in the UK. Touch’s EP has a number of remixes on it but doesn’t include this version, a remix by Shift K3Y himself. For the moment it can only be found on his Soundcloud page. His vocal is fun and poppy and the drop is super funky. Touch is an awesome party track that will quickly get the D-Floor full and going mental. This track has been featured on Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC1 a number of times so watch out for both this song and artist!

TUNESDISCLOSURE × LATCH [SPORT D’EQUIPE SMOOTH OPERATION] Some Disclosure fans may think what Sport d’Equipe have done to arguably their biggest track is blasphemous. I think it’s brilliant. They have completely turned Latch on its head by eliminating virtually every deep house element that have given Disclosure their iconic sound the past couple of years. Instead Sport d’Equipe keep only the vocals and add piano, organs, blues guitar, a horn section and a very jazzy and addictive swing groove. It may take a few listens to get used to but I guarantee this song will have you bopping at one point or another. I can’t wait to play this at the end of the night and see how the crowd reacts.

SNARKY PUPPY × LINGUS Though Snarky Puppy have been lighting up the Jazz and World music scenes for years, I feel like it wasn’t until last year’s album, Family Dinner Volume 1, that they were in the mainstream. Embarrassingly, I had not heard of these guys until their Grammy winning and uber funky single 'Something' featuring the ridiculous vocals of Lalah Hathaway. It was hard finding a favourite track on their latest album, We Like it Here, as they all showcase how unbelievably talented this group is. Lingus, the epic 11 minute final track on the album starts out with a swagger that would make Jay-Z run to his mother, then crescendo's into a perfect wildfire of progressive fusion. Check out not only this track but their entire catalogue if you haven’t already!