CENTRAL3A fresh breeze has certainly blown through the city centre over the last few years and you could say this place is CENTRAL to it all. Conveniently located in the CBD this beautifully restored venue serves some delicious Matilda Bay beverages and glorious food to match. Place: Central Address: 145 King Street, Newcastle NSW Hours:



Why We Love it: #Beer - and also the venue. Plus it adds another layer to the fresh culture of the city. A spectacular space to catch up with friends, a nice walk from other fantastic spaces and we love that it helps to draw people back into the CBD. Nice one Newy!










Newcastle has a few things popping up on every corner: Espresso Bars & Small Bars... And Art Galleries! Some of them appear to be rooted in peoples want to create a place to "Work" which is really more about where they want to hang out every day. But there are other galleries like 139 that are clearly passionate about art, local creativity... And... much more importantly... They understand what it takes.

It takes creating something special, reasons to visit the gallery, interacting with the community and being a part of the scene you want to visit your space rather than just "Create it and they will come" that often takes place. Gallery 139

Place: Gallery 139 Address: 139 Beaumont Street Hamilton, NSW Hours: Wed-Fri  10-5 & Sat 10-2

Why We Love it: Who doesn't love a Gallery Dog? Coco Mo is this gorgeous little guard dog happy to greet customers at the door. Coco MoPlus Ahn is amazing too. Stop by for a chat, look around the incredible walls, find out about up-coming exhibitions as well as a fantastic resource of local information. Put the top-end of Beaumont street on your monthly visit route and stop by. You won't regret it.



Anzac memorial walk 2Greatest city on Earth? We certainly think so. Where else are there such incredibly beautiful beaches stacked up practically against the inner-city with this amazing working harbour that connects us with the rest of the world. Where the people are this funny mix of creative - laid-back - working class-free spirit fun and generally helpful folk. Passionate and driven, we don't always see Newcastle the same way, some people come to division over fig trees or railway lines, but it is really this passion that unites us, the passion for the city and how we as a community want it to evolve. Maybe the one thing we are missing is a leader with a vision so big and bold they are able to pull apart those divisions and paint a picture that everyone can agree upon. IMG_7177 night view of Newcastle from Stockton






Place: Newcastle, NSW Australia Address: 2300 Hours: All Day Every Day

Why We Love it: It is the way we love coffee just as much as Melbourne or Europe, our chilled outlook similar to Byron Bay, It isn't Sydney but you could visit there if you need to, with this rad little scattering of hipster bars, restaurants galore, so many venues with views of the water and a general realisation of everyone that this really is the best place ever.


Anzac memorial walk 1Newie Mirage crew - Kian & Ryan

PLACES WE LOVE: Vivid Espresso by Kian West


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When you walk around the streets of Wickham, Tighes Hill, Islington, Carrington and any other suburbs around the inner-city but just outside the hussel-n-bussel you can easily forget how close you are to CBD and relax.

Tucked away ever-so-neatly is one incredible little coffee destination...

Place: Vivid Espresso Address: 14 Milford Street, Islington. Hours: Monday - Saturday: 6am-12:30PM

Why We Love it: The Coffee! Whenever you find a Barista that is clearly passionate about what they are doing (the first time I visited she remade my coffee because she wasn't super confident it was perfect because of a fresh bag of beans) you can usually be sure that the coffee will be on point. It always is at Vivid. It is basically just a coffee spot, not really anything in the way of other snacks (it's not a cafe) but if you love that daily dose of Caffeine in coffee form and live around the area then make a visit a must-do-item on you weekly to-do list!

It's all the little things, as well as the coffee, that make this a space you want to re-visit again and again. To borrow a phrase "It's the Biscotti Moment" and in this case it means the little chocolate covered coffee bean placed lovingly on the lid of the cup. It is the amazingly designed coffee cups it is served in. Most importantly it is the staff that are open and keen to make niceties and genuinely seem interested that make you feel welcome and want that again.


Photo 17-06-2015 12 00 06 pm



60 Seconds with...The Production Hub by Kian West


The Production Hub

With Olivia & Gavin

By Kian West



The Production hub is more than just a co-working space, some might say it is a love story, a romance intertwined with the city of Newcastle, Olivia or Gavin, would you care to tell us this story?


G: Olivia and I met at a party, swapped numbers and over time started to develop a film project. Through that we realised a common love for film and people. What struck me about her was that she was a beautiful, talented woman who really cared and treated people she filmed with such respect and honour. Regardless of who they were. That struck a chord with me. We both wanted to tell stories that would be inspiring and challenging, things progressed quickly. I bribed her to move to Newcastle with me by offering her a job at my company Good Eye Deer.


The business business grew quickly, Good Eye Deer was on trajectory and Olivia came along at the perfect time. We love telling stories and have the same values, so it was a perfect team.


The Production Hub idea came about when we were working in awesome collaborate shared office. We really enjoyed the cross fertilisation experience by being in a space with others doing exciting things. But had a vision of our own. Our vision was to create a space where facilities encouraged creativity.


We love Newcastle and all it has to offer creatively. We saw that while there were lots of great initiatives in Newcastle there was nothing that was production focussed. We wanted to create a place where people can come together to share ideas, encourage new ways of doing things and doing business. The Production Hub is not just about creative people coming together, it’s about business’ thinking and working creatively.


We saw lots of cool offices around, but nowhere to do the work of planning and developing. Our most important room is the Workshop where we build ideas. Everything in The Hub is purpose built (like our films) with both form and function in mind. They look good but to work well too.

On opening night someone said to Olivia ‘Today is a part of history for Newcastle. The Production Hub is a part of a new Newcastle.’ That meant a lot to us.



Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you were doing before The Production Hub?


O: I have been making films since 2006. When I joined Gavin at Good Eye Deer we were working at another co working facility – The Roost. The Roost was a way to introduce ourselves to Newcastle and find our feet. Since joining forces the business was expanding, we really needed an office to facilitate our growth and also show visually what our brand is about. We designed The Pro Hub so that everything you see is a Good Eye Deer.


G: 4 years ago I was working in a home office doing great work (well that’s what my clients told me). It was getting to a stage with Good Eye Deer where the company was getting too big for just one man. I needed to bring someone else onto the team, but they had to be the right person…that was when I met Olivia.


So What exactly is The Production Hub? What happens there and who should come and check it out?


O: It’s Newcastle’s premier co-working space. It’s an awesome space, an office of the future. A place to hold seminars, annual meetings or rent a desk. It’s beautiful.


Companies who are looking for new ways to relate to their clients and their staff can come hire our space. We hire out or Meeting or Workshop/Seminar room to companies who are looking to step outside their square and reach new ideas. It’s the perfect palace to come for a day with your team to see how to do things differently. Our 9m white board wall is great to write on while the ideas flow. We encourage any group/company to come utilize our space.


G: We then created The Pro Hub, with the intention to express our uniqueness and individuality as a business. It doesn’t matter how good your home office is, it will reflect on your image. Like a meal, if a meal is served that is delicious and not presented well, it will not be accepted well. Just as a bad quality meal presented well – will be. I don’t agree with that but I live within that reality. We feel The Pro Hub represents us. A friend walked into the space when it was finished and said ‘Ah now I see you in a whole new light’ it was like he could see us finally.


We are looking forward to others joining us and doing things together. Not just creative’s , but all businesses from all fields.


We are all about collaborating. We are not competing with anyone; there is more than enough work out there. If we work together can achieve remarkable things and put Newcastle on the map - not just nationally but internationally.





Where can people find you?


4 Crown Street

Level 1 / Suite 3

Crown Street Newcastle.

Linkedin - The Production Hub Newcastle


INSTA - theproductionhubnewcastle


Twitter - @TheProHub




You are both obviously highly creative and passionate about what you do, can you pinpoint a moment this began or maybe when you started taking it all seriously?


O: I started taking it all seriously when I saw Good Eye Deer come to life. When Lions Australia requested three national TVCs that really allowed me to step up as a Producer. To have such a huge project, and them all be different creative concepts was big. I got a buzz when I saw the quality of what we produced, that was when I really could see the power of what Gavin and I could produce.


G: The transition from craftsmen to businessman took place after going to a local seminar by local business coach Matt Linnert??? I think it was called ‘Doing Business with Intention’. It was then I realised that regardless of whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not, as a craftsmen I have to be a businessman as well.

Matt said ‘some people to be leaders other people just lead’. I decided at that point that we just needed to move forward with what we do and see who was interested. There were things that weren’t here in Newcastle that we wanted, rather than complaining about it why not step up like so many others and do and make it happen? I see so many people in Newcastle stepping up doing amazing things, there was a hole to fill so we stepped up and made it happen. The Production Hub was born.


Why do you love Newcastle?


O: I love that if you are creative there is enough room for you experiment and try new things. There’s not so much noise and distraction so you can focus on yourself and creativity and what you really value. In Melbourne I was very distracted, there was so much going on that I was always caught up in.


G: I like the pace of life and the fact that it’s a place of contrast. I love the fact I can walk to work; I don’t have to sit in hours of traffic everyday. And there is so much natural beauty, but its also contrasted by the reality of what that lifestyle requires we produce (like coal).


Is there anything else Novocastrians should know?


O: They should know us and we should know them. Because we genuinely want to know all the interesting things that are happening in town. We want to know there is a lawyer that also tap dances (Ben Read Industry Legal – rents a desk at The Pro Hub). The cool thing about Newcastle is that its big enough to have all these different talents, but small enough for us to all know each other.


G: You only have one life so follow your dreams. It comes at a price but what is the price of not doing that? Whatever you dream there are people out there to help you achieve it, all it takes is for you to reach out and ask for that help.