Rediscovering Newcastle - May, by Amy Theodore by Amy Theodore

Newcastle: a city that isn’t short on places to go for a walk. Whether you want to walk by the beach or in the bush, something easygoing or something to spike your heart rate, there will be a trail ready and waiting somewhere for you to scratch that hiking itch. I didn’t originally plan on writing a piece paying tribute to a few of the many famous walks in this city, but it seems that’s where the words have taken me this month.

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60 seconds with... Amy Theodore (Noiseinwonderland) by Kian West


The tables have turned. Last time we sat down it was me answering all the questions (if you haven’t already, check out Amy’s fantastic article at titled “ If You Can Read This Print is Not Dead”), so it really is fun to shoot a few back your way Amy. 294002d

With Amy Theodore

By Kian West


I guess we should start off with a bit of context for those that don’t know you, so can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

For a super short answer, my name is Amy Theodore, I’m a third year (soon to be fourth year) university student studying a double degree of Communication/Laws, and freelance photographer and writer.


To expand a bit, basically I felt a desire to work in journalism since I left high school, and in particular music journalism, because I just have such a passion for it. So as soon as I hit uni I began contributing to various music publications, doing albums reviews and stuff like that. Something that naturally goes along with writing is photos, and because I was reviewing gigs, I was seeing some really awesome shots that people were taking at these gigs and festivals. In particular Kanye Lens (a.k.a Kane Hibbard) and his work, I think it’s just such beautiful stuff, so I had to give it a go. So I went out and brought myself a camera.


This year I would say has really seen my photography start to take off. I started out with the mindset of wanting to get into gig photography, but I’ve just photographing what I’ve had the opportunity to, and it’s really expanding my views on where I want to go with things. In particular I photographed heaps of the street art around Newcastle, I did some shots for the Hit The Bricks festival that happened last month, and got to chat to the artists, and I’ve definitely fallen in love with the art and having the chance to document these pieces of work. It’s inspiring to see these guys put so much time and effort into a piece that is likely one day to be painted over, so I just really want to capture all the pieces that get put up in Newcastle. I’ve also done photos for awesome festivals like This Is Not Art and photoshoots with some local music artists as well, and I’ve discovered that I love taking photos of other people’s creative work, and getting to connect with them. I just think the way the mind of an artistic person works is so unique and interesting. I like to say that I have no really artistic talents like drawing, painting, or making music myself, so NoiseinWonderland is all about capturing the talents of those around me.


In case anyone is wondering about the name, the ‘Noise’ part comes from the fact that when I first got into photography I was a massive metal fan, and I definitely still am. But a lot of people around me thought of it as ‘noise’. The ‘inWonderland’ part just refers to my middle name, Alice, but I do also think Alice in Wonderland is one the greatest animations of all time!



We’re chatting ‘cause I heard you were going to be a part of RAW Newcastle and it seemed like a great way to get the low down on you as an artist, but can you explain what RAW is all about?


RAW is this awesome organisation that focuses on showcasing all types of underground creative talent, and they also hold exhibitions of about 30 artists every few months in cities all over our country and in America. Anyone can sign up! Whether you’re a photographer, musician, makeup artists, filmmaker, you name it!


The next exhibition for Newcastle, ‘Current’ is coming up on the 27th November at The Great Northern Hotel. I’ve been lucky enough to have been selected to showcase and sell some of my photos. I would highly recommend coming along, there is going to be so much awesome stuff happening, and if you’re looking for a ticket I can definitely hook you up.


Also, if you’re a Newcastle creative, jump online, make yourself a profile, and you could get to showcase your work at the next event!


So you are a writer, photographer, graffiti artist? As a creative, is there a medium you prefer or do you see them intertwined and as an extension of yourself?


Haha, I don’t know about a graffiti artist. I have attempted, but it’s much harder then it might look! I might just stick to taking photos of it, haha.


In terms of writing and photography, I think, personally, I’ve come to see them as outlets that are definitely intertwined; I mean, like I sais, almost every article you see will have a picture or two to go along with it, particularly with music writing. Especially in this era, where a journalist is having to become so multi-skilled in their job, I think having the two skills is really beneficial. At the movement though I’ve really been getting involved with my photography, and absolutely loving it!


I would say that they have also definitely become an extension of myself. I think when a lot of people think of me now they think of me as that chick that does all that writing and photography stuff, so it has definitely become a big part of who I am, and I’m proud of it.


I know you write for a couple of different places, care to talk a little bit about it?

In the past I’ve written for The Brag and Tonedeaf where I did gig and album reviews, and got the chance to chat to some awesome artists. But I had to set those aside to make time for my current job at Urban Walkabout Newcastle as a freelance writer/photographer and blog/social media representative. This job has been awesome because I’ve discovered so many cool places and events through it. Basically Urban Walkabout Newcastle is a blog dedicated to letting you know about what is going on in the area, and about the awesome cafes and shops that we have around. So I put together all the written and photographic content for them, and it’s really let me get out, meet and connect with heaps of locals. I can proudly say I love my job!


Do you have anything planned for 2015? Or any new years resolutions?

Nothing major as of yet. I mainly just want to keep focusing even more on my photography and getting out there and grasping more opportunities as they come my way. This year itself has gone so fast, and when I think back, my work has managed to develop and come so far in just this short space of time, so I’m super excited to see what happens in another years time! Also continuing to survive law school is on the list, haha.


Anything else Novocastrians should know?

I’m sure most already know this, but we really do live in one the greatest cities, and it is becoming such a hub for creativity! Both my writing and photography recently has really made me start exploring this place, and there is always so much cool stuff going on, so get out and get involved! Get Nosiey!