intro...December by Kian West


It’s a Christmas Bonanza! As fierce Novocastrian supporters we urge all our fellow loyal citizens to support the locals this Christmas and on into 2015 whenever possible. Support the local makers, support the local retailers, and support the local brands because when you support them they can support the community and then we all win.


We have a special Christmas Party event happening December 13th at the Commons Café, If you are an avid writer of blogs or otherwise, check out the Blog Meet that is happening 3-5pm or come to The Commons Café from 5pm for a Murray’s Craft Beer tasting and some live music. Tickets are just $10 and cover the costs of room hire, CRAFTernoon activities and make sure that the event will be top notch!


Lastly, we are having a bit of a break for January, but in true Mirage style we are going to be releasing a special SUPER Limited Calendar for 2015 just for our subscribers. So if you are reading this and already saying to yourself “I want a 2015 Newcastle Mirage Calendar!” well then you better jump on the Internet and purchase a subscription! My personal recommendation is the 12 month version.

Thanks for all your support this year, have a wonderful holiday period!





School Holidays By Alex Morris

We could splash the baths, swim and build castles. My vote's eat ice cream; watch ships.