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Bravo Victor's, 'Fire & Ice', Live Music Video - Out Now! by Hannah Stretton

Back at it again, with yet another beautifully shot music video, is the illuminating duo - Bravo Victor. This time, with a stripped back rendition of 'Fire & Ice', a fan favourite and vocal crescendo from their self-titled EP. Lucky for us all, the video has come out a little earlier than expected too, which is an epic treat for Bravo Victor fans and some, hopefully, newly acquired fans. 

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Why you should shoot your next video in Newcastle, by Tyzek by Newcastle Discovered

Worldwide artists usually only feature Australia in their music videos if they’re looking for some dry, desolate, desert scenery. But as all of us Australians, and especially us Novocastrians know; This is not a giant desert continent… Some of the time.

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