Skyepaint | 'What Do You Say' Review & Feature w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

Back in March we gave a little shout-out to the beautiful electronic synth-pop duo, Amos & Emily, as they made their return to the stage at Darby Street Live. Now, in wake of a new single and some other pretty exciting things on the horizon, we are showcasing the talents of one-half of the duo, Amos Wellings a.k.a Skyepaint - the indie-electronic mastermind that is revamping, re-distinguishing and re-furbishing the indie-electronic genre.

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If you haven't already heard, Darby Street will be the host of some pretty epic local performers this Saturday in the first ever (of hopefully a very successful & long-time running) micro-festival. The festival will be an awesome opportunity for you to check out some new and upcoming performers as well as some old-time favourites from our great city of Newcastle. 

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Jye Sharp w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

Jye Sharp is a unique & multifaceted performer, a real jack of all trades. With a new instrument or sound, Jye's always adding something different to the mix, making him such an unpredictable force and one not to be reckoned with. He never fails to bring authenticity and creative flair to his songs and live performances, which you will be able to witness first-hand at 5 Sawyers, as part of Darby Street Live.

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Milkman's Daughter w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

With an enviable glasses collection, a stellar wardrobe and a voice that could take Cupid’s heart, Milkmans Daughter (Sara Sandford), is a sure fire fix for your Sunday afternoon chill-session and one not to miss at Darby Street Live.

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Paris Grace w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

It’s a very rare thing to find artists that capture your full and undivided attention by something as simple and peeled back as playing a guitar in a living room, yet, Paris Grace does just that. Paris harnesses a power, that at 16, let alone at any age, is so unique and raw. Quite frankly it scares you, the talent and power this young girls voice possesses, and it is something that needs to be witnessed at Darby Street Live on the 24th.

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Georgie Jones w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

Ahead of Darby Street Live on the 24th of March, we are getting up & personal with some of the incredible local talents that Newcastle has to offer, what they are all about & just what to expect from the first ever Darby Street Live Festival - which is set to go off with a bang, so make sure you add this event to the calendar. 🎉

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Foemen Release Synth Filled New Single by Brooke Tunbridge

Grab your earphones, or play it to the world on your shitty phone speaker, ‘Interfear’, the new single from Newcastle indie electro act Foemen was released today.

Pressing play on this track you’re absorbed into endless layers of synths, and into a dark place with flickers of light through the fog, like the moment before take-off on an indoor roller coaster.

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Hottest 100 Voting Opens by Brooke Tunbridge

Each year I tell myself that I will start a list at the beginning of the year of my favourite tracks, updating it each month, so that when the Hottest 100 voting opens, I’ll have a vague idea of the songs I want to vote for. Instead, I wait until December, glance at my “Best of 2017” playlist where a lonesome song sits, “Slow Mover” by Angie McMahon, and scramble together my most played songs of the year.

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Top 5 Gigs to go to this week, by Brooke by Brooke Tunbridge

Jess Locke
After releasing her album Universe, Jess Locke is heading to Newcastle to play some songs and sign some records at the Edwards Shop, then head over to The Lass for a full band show. Supporting her at The Lass is Jen Buxton and Grace Turner.

When: Tonight (Thursday 9th November) 6pm @ the Edwards shop |  8pm @ The Lass
Where: The Edwards Shop (solo) followed by a full band show at The Lass
Tickets: FREE

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