Good Brother - Coffee (by Meg Francis) by Kian West


My relationship with coffee began as a teenager and like all first relationships it was sickly sweet and far too co-dependent. At first it kept me awake at night but slowly our romance blossomed into a constant and stable affair that never tore me down and was the first thing I wanted to see in the morning...

Article by Meg Francis

...I would describe myself as the average Josephine coffee lover whose preference for soy cappuccinos has led me to begin my quest throughout Newcastle for the best coffee haunts and houses and share my knowledge. This month’s obsession is Good Brother Espresso, snuggled in the only red building on King Street across from the Red Cross Blood Bank, it is the kind of place that you can spend waste a day (in the best possible way). Opened in 2011, the second baby of Chris Johnston and Stephanie Whitehead, Good Brother is the sister of bohemian Suspension (found at the end of Beaumont Street) and a diamond in the rough of the Newcastle CBD. The exposed red brick and aging furniture create vintage vibe and sometimes I like to pretend I’m in Brooklyn/Newtown (I’ve been trying to refrain from using the H word…Okay, it’s a bit hipster). The collection of pallet beach chairs are scattered across the footpath out front perfect for sitting back and letting the sun warm your skin before the amazing coffee warms your soul. Good Brother is all about the homey food, friendly staff and consistently delicious and balanced coffee. Johnston and Whitehead roast and produce their own special blend that is rich, strong and very flavoursome which when made by experienced and knowledgeable hands take your tastebuds to heaven. The menu is simple and fresh with avocado on sourdough, toasties, cakes and pastries that match perfectly with any coffee or tea (the specials are equally mouth watering so BYO bucket).  Boasting is also an absolutely killer special   With it’s own homemade roasted blend (the same as Suspension, obviously), Good Brother is a frontrunner in my quest for the perfect cappuccino. Greeted like an old friend on every visit, it’s Good Brothers’ team of staff that push this espresso house from being good to amazing. Every member of staff is friendly, knowledgeable and chatty  (May I also say they are all very good looking too) which only heightens the experience. So it is unsurprising that no matter what time or day you wander in it hosts a mix and match of students, tourists, working folk and cool Novocastrians. Good Brother’s atmosphere and interior design create an intimate and cosy setting (the perfect venue for a first date…) which when combined with the food and beverage menu will not only satisfy your tastebuds but fulfil your coffee lust. Good Brother is a Newcastle’s best-kept secret and a absolute must in any coffee pilgrimage…The only real flaw is that you might end up not wanting to ever leave.