60 seconds with... Last Tuesday by Kian West


Last Tuesday


With Sophie Smyth

 By Kian West

So Sophie, tell us a little bit about yourself?LastTuesday blue9

Well I studied sculpture and product design in Sydney & like so many others in my situation, I was completely underwhelmed with my choices when it came time to leave my little creative student bubble and start a career. I did work for a few years selling other people’s designs but I always longed to do something self-directed.


Where did the idea for Last Tuesday come from?

Last Tuesday came about from said benched longing and the eventual realisation (it took me a really long time actually), that a lot of people were saying,

“Hey! Nice bag. Where did you get it?”

My friends would then dutifully and proudly tell them that, “Sophie made that bag.” And one day I thought, I should do this!

 Last Tuesday Petal3

When did you start Last Tuesday?

I started in January 2013 when I moved back to Newcastle with my partner. I’m a Newy girl, but I had been in Sydney for years.

Renew Newcastle gave me my first big break when they offered me a store front at The Emorium in the old David Jones building. It was a great way for me to connect with my customers and gain confidence.


And What is Last Tuesday all about?

Last Tuesday has always been about hand-making the designs with beautiful quality leather and materials in small, limited numbers. I want people to own something unique & special. There is so much mass production today that artisan skills are being lost. It’s very sad. I am part of the movement we are seeing emerge reacting against this.


By now plenty of Novocastrians are probably keen to see your stuff, where can they find you?

You can purchase one of my bags online at

I am also stocked at Honey Bee on Darby St and I will be doing some markets in both Newcastle and Sydney coming up to Christmas.

 Last Tuesday tan1

Anything else Novocastrians should know?

As someone who has moved back to Newcastle as an adult, I couldn’t recommend this city enough for people who are looking to have a creative career and life. There are so many wonderful people here that really do support and challenge you. Newcastle for me, has given me to confidence to go after the life I want.