local art

Jye Currie's Photography & The Africa Solution Exhibition by Hannah Stretton

Sometimes the opportunity to talk to incredible people just happens to fall directly into your lap, or in this case, our beloved inbox. After reading about this man's personal journey and his turbulent trip to Kenya, we knew we had to learn and hear more about the guy behind the lens. This 'guy' we are talking about is Jye Curry

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Street of the Week: Charles Street by Brooke Tunbridge

It's a short street, one that you might miss but once you do notice it, it's hard to forget it's there. The graffiti art is the main feature of the street, and the reason why it's Street of the Week this week. Take a walk past 'The Fish Bowl' house and through the shady trees that line the streets, admiring the painted walls and small gardens on the paths.

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