60 Seconds with… Blane St. Vintage Newcastle by Kian West


60 Seconds with… Blane St.Vintage Newcastle

With Lisa and Michelle

 (Lisa on the left, Michelle on the right in image)

By Kian West


So Lisa & Michelle, for those that don’t know anything about either of you, tell us a little something about yourselves?


M- Lisa and I have been friends for about 15 years. We grew up together in Port Macquarie and moved to Newcastle after high school. We lived here for a few years before both moving away. I completed a degree in Occupational Therapy at Sydney Uni and moved back to Newcastle a year ago with my husband.


L- I have always moved around a lot both growing up and after school. I was lucky enough to spend a few years in the UK where I fell in love with Vintage clothing. In the past I have only spent a few years in one place before moving on, but there is something about Newcastle that captivated me, and both Michelle and I now consider this little city our home.


Where did the idea for Blane St. Vintage come from and what’s it all about?

M & L- We both love vintage clothing and enjoy nothing more then spending a Saturday afternoon trawling around vintage and Op shops. We thought why not turn this passion into something that we could potentially do as a job.

The concept of Blane St. came from our love of vintage clothing and Newcastle. Blane St is the original name of Hunter St. so it was the perfect name for our store as it reflects the heritage of Newcastle. In a nutshell we are all about promoting beautiful Newcastle, great vintage, and just loving what we do.


And what is the goal for Blane St.Vintage?


Currently we are still starting out and recently did our first Hunt and Gather Market. Our short term goal is to continue to do markets and get Blane St. as much exposure as possible.

Long term we would love our own little boutique vintage store on Hunter St where we can spend our days surrounded by beautiful vintage things.


Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

M- My biggest inspiration would be my husband and my parents. They taught me to work hard and do what makes me happy.


L- For me it would have to be my mum and dad. They completely support any decision I make without question and taught me to laugh when things don’t go my way.


M& L- Thinking of awesome 80’s icons Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon circa 1980. Who doesn’t find their impressive hair, ill fitting high waisted jeans, and ever lasting friendship inspirational?


Where can Novocastrians catch Blane St.Vintage in October?


We will be applying to do the Hunt and Gather markets in October, which will be run on the third Saturday in Pacific park.


Anything else our readers should know?

We not only do vintage clothing but also bags and accessories. Catch us on: