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An interview with Tim Cantt, by Laura Kebby by Laura Kebby

I‘ve always been a fan of anything and everything creative, and will always have so much respect for anyone embarking on any such adventures. But… I’ll have to admit: I’ve always reserved a special little pocket of admiration (and jealousy) for those who can draw. Because, just like Wil Wagner, I cannot. So when I got the opportunity to interview local animator, filmmaker and all-round nice guy Tim Cantt, I was slightly relentless in my approach. But one wonderful Wednesday at the Grand Hotel, I sat with Tim to talk his award winning animation ‘Good Dog’.

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in Conversation with Laura Kebby, by Ryan by Ryan Williams

Laura Kebby has been writing for Mirage furiously. I can’t keep up. It’s like crack cocaine for her (she really likes it). Now, after a significant upgrade in publications, publishing pieces online for the likes of Tone Deaf, Music Feeds, and Pedestrian TV, Kian and I think Kebby might be getting ideas. I met with Laura at the Hamo for a nice chat to make sure she wasn’t going anywhere. 

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