lachlan x morris

Lachlan X. Morris, his sophomore album 'Premeditation' & Campaigning for Vinyls by Hannah Stretton

When you think of your Dad, and go "ugh, so embarrassing - put those dance moves & oversized jeans away", I want you to instead think of what it is they are actually dancing to. It may in fact sound a little like Lachlan X. Morris, the self-proclaimed 'dad' of Newcastle's rock scene, who is back with the new single, 'Turpentine', off of his sophomore album Premeditations - which will be releasing soon. 

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SO MUCH MUSIC – September – by Chris 'Dunny' Dunn by Spencer Scott

What a great month it’s been for local releases, both vinyl and CD. First up, the totally self-produced Rachel Maria Cox release Untidy Lines. A wonderful album. Does not veer much away from the punk/pop/singer/songwriter world, but there are some excellent tracks on here.

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