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Why Boys Noize playing in Newcastle is such a big deal. by Kian West

Let me get this out of the way real quick, yes, I work at King Street Hotel as a DJ so you may consider me biased for this article, but as I stood in a room full of people on Thursday (Good Friday eve) last week I had a discussion with a good friend and fellow passionate music lover about other big electronic music artists that have toured Newcastle in recent years or ever and it had me thinking 'wow, this really is a big deal'.

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Top Spots for Easter Weekend Events by Kian West

Easter remains one of the last few times the Australian calendar has a majority of places forced closure and thus a time when most people have an opportunity to catch-up, recharge, connect with themselves and one another. 
So we had a quick poll in the office for suggested places to take the festivities to. 

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Had a little chat with Solomon Wilks, by Laura Kebby by Laura Kebby

I hold a really special place in my heart for those who truly believe in what it means to be young. What it really means to surround yourself with people who are really alive, living every single minute of their day. But what about the people who are actively trying to capture these memories? The ones who work tirelessly, weaving through crowds, sweaty bodies, sticky floors? What of those who are translating these memories of youth into art?

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