Eastside Grammar | Their new E.P, 'Head Cinema', & the struggles of self-funded artistry by Hannah Stretton

I personally love a good story about humble beginnings and when it comes to Eastside Grammar, humble at best, is how you'd describe these talented working class men. From uni mates in a share-house bickering about the footy, to creative jam session buddies, Michael Crellin & Charlie Raby have come a long way since meeting back in 2015. 

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Top 5 Gigs to go to this week, by Brooke Tunbridge by Brooke Tunbridge

Little Brother w/ Eat Your Heart Out (acoustic) + Joey Geyer (Treehouse Children)
Little Brother, aka John Floreani, aka Trophy Eyes front man is bringing his acoustic performance to Newcastle. Tickets also available on the door if the event hasn't sold out beforehand.

When: Wednesday 23rd August
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Tickets: Ticketbooth

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Sandpaper LIVE - December 28 by Kian West


Billed as the Sandpaper, Loose and Tax-Sea-Cabs Music Reunion three of Newcastle’s favorite indi bands return to the stage once more to feature sounds from the 90’s Newcastle regal music era. The gig will be held at the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel on 28th December 2013  

SANDPAPER features Anthony Dean (drums), Geoff Mullard (guitar and vocals) and Andrew Macdonald (bass and vocals) and since the heady days they have continued to perform at their not so annual reunion gigs, this time returning for their 20 Year Anniversary. In celebration of the event the boys have produced a new 7" Single on Red Vinyl featuring ‘Lostoss’ and 3 other favoured songs which is now available to purchase through the great resurgence of great vinyl records stores and online via the wonders of modern technology

TAX-SEA-CABS were a band formed in 1996 by four teenagers whilst in school at Broadmeadow High. Inspired by the local all ages punk rock scene, Drew Jones (drums) Michael Kemp (bass) Jason Lambley (guitar) and Kurt Polglase (vocals) played together for a brief 11 months before calling it quits. Many all age shows and parties were played in that time; the band drew inspiration from locals like Disengage and Nihilist, and looked back to Dead Kennedy's and Black Flag. As 17 yr old students of that music era Tax-Sea-Cabs recorded two tapes (which was the fashion at the time) and then disappeared into the memories. Now 17 years later the boys have returned for their first ever show where beer can be sold legally! Supporting Loose and Sandpaper they can say they've finally made it to the big time. Don't wait another 17 years to see these guys.

LOOSE are a seven piece bubble gum punk bank which played in some of Newcastle's shabbiest venues during the 90's. Performing original material, and with feisty and sometimes confronting songs, the band members Steve Squelch (drums) Amanda Roff (bass) Tess tickle (guitar) Mel Von Satanberg (vocals) were accompanied on stage by the all-girl brass section - The Horny Chicks which featured Gilli Pepper, Anna Helme and Genevieve Murray. Loose regularly performed in Sydney and undertook a number of tours following it up with recordings and their EP, Easy Cheeze, before splitting in 1996. All seven members of the band will be making a special appearance for the big reunion show.


The Sandpaper crew still enjoys the total energy of a live performance. The songs they will be playing on the night, including ‘Lostoss’ from the new single were rehearsed a lot at Arc-up in Mayfield over the years and they hold a lot of power for us now, we still love to play them.

All the bands have gotten out the instruments, brushed off a bit of dust and are ready to rock out to their old crowd favourites. It is going to be a great big reunion of the organic original music played at The Lass O'Gowrie Hotel during the 90's heyday.

Come along and relive the memories and join the little festival of reminiscence.



Single Poster A4


It’s been nearly 20 years since the members of SANDPAPER: Anthony Dean (drums), Geoff Mullard (guitar and vocals) and Andrew Macdonald (bass) first got together “for a jam” in the dingy Arc-Up Studios basement in Mayfield near Newcastle.

Now the SANDPAPER legend has been reignited with a new re-release on 7” Red Vinyl Single featuring one of legendary crowd favorites ‘Lostoss’ from the Sandpaper EP which was recorded, engineering and produced by Tim Powles of ‘The Church’ fame at Kilby’s Karmic Hit Studio.

‘Lostoss’ is about surfing at one of Newcastle’s renowned beach spots as known “Loss Toss”.The song tells a torrid tale of the endeavor and dream to catch the perfect wave out and away from the rocks “The hard paddle makes me want you more. Love you more, Love you more, respect you more. I feel the crave of another wave“.

As one reviewer talked about the band “…it’s the struggle to maintain balance and urgency... The Unique song structure... The passionate live delivery. This is SANDPAPER. Chaos lurks in the backbeat...sometimes it cascades through on a wave of white noise and other times gets blasted away by a classic melody. This balance between craftsmanship and raw energy makes the SANDPAPER world revolve and the evidence has been preserved in the vital tones”.  One of Sandpaper’s legendary songs and crowd favourites is from their EP is called Losstoss; it is about riding the board at one of Newcastle’s renounced surfing spots as known “Loss Toss”. The song tells a torrid tale of the dream and endeavour to catch the perfect wave from the rocks and ride it out and away. “The hard paddle makes me want you more. Love you more, Love you more, respect you more. I feel the crave of another wave“.

This re-release also includes three songs from the Greatest Hits Volume 2 CD namely Does it Feel, Saturday Night and Digestion and has been timed to coincide with the 20 Year Anniversary Gig coming up on 28th December 3, 2013 at the Lass O’Gowrie hotel in Newcastle ably supported 2 bands from the 90’ era Loose and Tax Sea Cabs

Its our first ‘record’ and it has already been getting a lot of interest in the home town and now seeking your indulgence to give this new revived format a spin.

Not only that we have plans for more new music to be recorded and released in the new year which will be backed up by a gigs wherever we can grab one more foothold in the live music scene.



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For Bookings or Information Contact: Andy Macdonald Ph: 0417157088