Lake Mac Big Weekend: Superboats, Live Music, Markets, Food & Wine by Brooke Tunbridge

Lake Mac Big Weekend is set to kick off this weekend, 13th-14th October. Thousands of spectators are expected to line the northern end of the lake for the event, with everything from superboats and jetski racing to markets, free water sports and a food and wine festival, there’s something for everyone.

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Food + Garden = Green Pop-Up Information Events by Brooke Tunbridge

Concerned about the greener 3-bin service starting on 30th July in Lake Macquarie? Or perhaps you're excited for this change and want to know even more about it. Over the next three months, Council’s Green Team will be popping up in a variety of locations across Lake Macquarie to provide advice and answer any questions the community may have.

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Eat, Learn, Share: Urban Mess Pop-Up Tomorrow by Brooke Tunbridge

Urban Mess began in 2015 as a communal dining event based around a chosen international cuisine by chef Tony Harrison and partner Melisah May at Lowlands Bowling Club. It's now expanded to pop-ups and event catering, so you can enjoy a carefully curated menu at Newcastle's finest locations.

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PAPA_2 Newcastle finally has the Bagel Bar it deserves. Papa's Bagel Bar is this incredible little space in the city, verging onto Newcastle West opposite the City Campus of Hunter TAFE lives a fantastic spot for coffee and food. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with Bagels, we weren't, but once you scan the menu you will quickly realise there is something for everyone, sweet or savoury, lunch, breakfast or a snack.

We recommend booking your next meeting there as the perfect cover for checking out the spot. Already been? Why not suggest their amazing catering services for the next work/family function. #delicious


PAPA_1Place: Papa's Bagel Bar Address: Corner of Devonshire Street & Hunter Street Newcastle West NSW 2302 Australia, Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am till 3:00pm ....

Sat 7:00am till 2:00pm

Why We Love it: BAGELS! Bagels seem like a real treat in Australia, we don't really have a culture surrounding them so it is a bit of a novelty food in some ways but with so many delicious toppings and flavoured bagels to choose from. PLUS! They do this real special thing to coffee, if you order a cappuccino the chocolate is grated fresh onto the top and makes it feel all the more special.



The Novel Novocastrian Pt.3 by Kian West


The Novel Novocastrian

The Random Ramblings of a Temporary Resident

By Tara Brady


How “Where do you want to go for dinner?” has become a whole new experience since we’ve moved to Newcastle.


By the end of September, the husband and I will have been married for four years (hooray!) One of the patterns we fell into fairly early on in our relationship was to succumb to a regular attack of the “midweek lazies”. You all know what I’m talking about: you come home and, despite a fully stocked fridge providing a myriad fine dining possibilities (like stir fry or spaggy bol), neither of you seems capable of even coming up with an idea for dinner, let alone the energy to cook it, so you decide to go out instead. Back in the UK there is a lane around the corner that has a particularly fine Turkish BBQ, so when the “midweek lazies” are upon us, we inevitably find ourselves there, and the question of “Where do you want to go for dinner?” is essentially redundant. Well, here in Newcastle it has become infinitely more complicated.

The first task is agreeing on what type of cuisine we’re after: pub grub? Fine French dining? fried chicken and beer? Spanish tapas? seafood with a sea view? The possibilities seem endless. So you’d think the restaurateurs of Newcastle would do us a favour by having one or two obvious frontrunners conveniently located within a ten minute walk and in a price range that’s just right…but no, instead there are more than half a dozen I can think of just off the top of my head and that’s only the ones in the East End…I haven’t even gotten to Darby Street.Novel-Novocastrian-web

So here, in no particular order, are my top 5 on the East Side

  1. Cafe Zeytoon (43 Bolton St): for when you’re craving middle-eastern food but want something a bit more refined than a kebab. The atmosphere in this cafe at night is great with dark tablecloths embroidered with gold, reflecting the candles and lanterns. I can personally recommend any of the lamb dishes; the meat is so tender it falls right off the bone!
  2. Bocados Spanish Kitchen (27 King St): this place serves excellent tapas at a reasonable price and with a great wine menu too. We regularly wind up here without having planned ahead and so wind up in the smaller bar area which is actually quite cozy.
  3. The Grain Store (64 – 66 Scott St): if you’re looking for pub food done to a high standard as well as an impressive list of beers to wash it all down with, then look no further than The Grain Store. The fact that you can play old-school board games while you wait for your food to arrive is an added bonus.
  4. Bistro Sandbar (1 Moroney Ave): this little bistro is a great spot for a romantic dinner for two overlooking the beach. The seafood here is fabulous!
  5. Casa de Loco (10 Pacific St): any restaurant/bar that advertises itself with the words: we love to eat/we love to drink has got to be worth a visit and this tequila bar/Mexican restaurant most definitely is. The food is much closer to authentic Mexican than the usual Tex-Mex stuff you find and the ambience here is always upbeat with really friendly bartenders and waiting staff. I’ve recently become obsessed with their Taco Tuesdays: each Tuesday has a different theme with a special taco on offer and accompanying music from their extensive vinyl collection. Make sure you save room for their Tres Leche Cake which is just amazing.

Happy eating Newcastle!





Novocastrians Who Brunch - The Edwards by Kian West


Hey Novocastrians,  This review is a favourite from March I hope you all enjoy it. A highly recommended brunch spot!

By Ja and guest Dutchy on The Edwards...

The Edwards is down from Marketown148 Parry St Newcastle.



Before the breakfast Ja got an iced coffee and Dutchy got a small cappuccino. I really enjoyed my iced coffee and Dutchy expected a bit more from her coffee. We were loving the whole atmosphere and space of the Edwards so we stayed for another coffee after our breakfast, Ja got an espresso and Dutchy, another cappuccino. With my espresso I understood where Dutchy was coming from. The coffee was good but we expected awesome coffee from this hispter cafe/bar. We give The Edwards coffee a rating of  7/10. On FOOD

Ja got the mince, bacon and egg on toast and added tomato and Dutchy got a breakfast special: the scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Ja's breakfast mince had a bolognese sauce with the bacon chopped up through it. Ja's breakfast sounded different but all worked beautifully for a delicious breakfast. Dutchy also enjoyed her scrambled eggs but wished she got the avocado add on. The menu was small but with the specials board gave you enough options. It is not a standard 'big breakfast' or 'pancakes' place. After finishing our breakfast we saw the muffins... we had to try one... AH-MAZING! We shared the fig and nut muffin with a hint of ginger which reminded Dutchy of her Dutch sweets. For food we give 9/10.


The Edwards tops our hipster awesome radar. They've turned the big warehouse space into a funky hipster cafe/bar that doesn't feel empty or too cramped. It fits both the breakfast/lunch scene and the new hipster bar scene which is on the rise in Newcastle (loving it). We give the Edwards 6/5! Off the charts for us, very well put together!

Side Note: We've also heard The Edwards night bar scene is pumping, very keen to come back and check it out at night!


You want to stay and catch up and order that extra coffee and (ah-mazing) muffin at The Edwards due to the atmosphere. The atmosphere along with the interesting and delicious breakfast menu will make you want to come back next weekend for catch-ups. Coffee is good, not great (our annoying high standards). All in all our overall rating is 22/25.


Brunch on Newcastle,

Ja and Company xoxo.



Heya Novocastrians,Novocastrians Who Brunch is excited to be a new regular feature in Newcastle Mirage’s street magazine highlighting all things Newcastle. I am just a Newcastle girl and some friends who love to try new and old brunch/ breakfast haunts in Newcastle and love to highlight and share my opinions on them. Every month you can read my favourite pick for the month. If you need a weekly fix go to our blog at:, follow on FB page: Novocastrians Who Brunch or our Instagram: @novocastrianswhobrunch.


  This month’s favourite is a hipster Cuban café in Newcastle West, The Social: Newcastle West on 774 Hunter St On COFFEE I had high expectations for The Social's coffee, it being the sister cafe' to Sprocket near the mall on Hunter St.Great coffee, great coffee. To got her usual piccolo which had a lovely aroma, it was very smooth and strong. I got my usual cappuccino. It was a great coffee however mine was slightly weak for my liking. It is better to order a double shot cappuccino to really enjoy their amazing smooth coffee. Great coffee overall, we give an overall rating of 8/10. On FOOD The Social's morning menu is a good mixture of brunch and breakfast options. I got the tortilla with beef and chorizo. I did not want to stop eating when I was full. It was very big and very tasty. I must say one of the best breakfast burrito/ tortilla I have had in Newcastle. I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves a good breakfast burrito. To was quite boring with her brunch choice and got toast and Vegemite. She enjoyed it, nice bread good amount of Vegemite. Overall food was 9/10 easy. I can not wait to go try other breakfast options! On ATMOSPHERE From everywhere I have had brunch or breakfast I must say The Social had it's own unique feel about it. It successfully gives you a taste of hipstered Cuban flavour. Almost all the booth like tables with the 'bus seats' have dominoes. It had a really relaxed cool feel about the place. I recommend going for a chilled chat with a friend over dominoes or go for a casual coffee and something extra over the paper. Must give The Social's atmosphere a rating of5/5 easy. The BRUNCH BREAKDOWNnm_web_images_3 All in all the breakfast, the coffee and the atmosphere comes together beautifully. The Social's breakfast tortilla I am still drooling over; their smooth coffee aroma and unique atmosphere is a must go for Novocastrians who love to brunch. The Social's overall rating is a solid 22/25. Brunch on Newcastle, Ja and Company xoxo.