DJRPM01Regular favourite at The Argyle House, King Street Hotel, The Prince of Wales Hotel and Zebu Bar. You can catch DJ RPM, known as Ryan Meredith to his mum, spinning cool jams like these reviews on the regular.  

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Sugar Man

Reminiscent of their first collaboration on ‘We No Speak Americano’ this new track delivers some funky house vibes, definitely a good choice for those sunny Spring Sundays with a few cold ones.

TJR & Dances With White Girls – Ass Hypnotized

Classic TJR adds his familiar flavor on this new tune with DWWG. It’s bouncy, fun, club ready and you’re sure to like it if Melbourne Sound is your thing. For added awesomeness, check out the video clip (NSFW).

Chet Fake x WKND – Lover

An unofficial release, this mashup of Chet Fakers’ cover from Triple J is just plain awesome and a must for any opening DJ. It’s available from WKND’s Soundcloud if you want to stay one step ahead of the game.

Jack U – Take You There feat. Kiesza

This has been a standard in my club sets over the last month, typical Jack U style from Diplo + Skrillex. Twerk vibes are definitely high on this one, not one for House or Deep House fans, but if you like to get ratchet….go for it.

Pantheon – Hold Me (Colour Castle Remix)

Let’s face it, Deep House is blowing up at the moment and there is some serious quality coming out that many won’t hear about. Get into this tune by Pantheon with a quality remix delivered by Colour Castle. It’s got the familiar deep vocal pitch and a groovy bassline….a perfect pre-drinks track before hitting the clubs.


60 seconds with... Micks King by Kian West




So Micks King, is that what your mother calls you?


You run a cool Thursday night event at the Hamilton Station called Madhouse that has the city a-buzz talking about it. For those that don’t know, tell us what goes on at the Madhouse?

Thank you, those are kind words. “Madhouse” is a loose-knit collective of DJs that has been working together for a couple of years now. Our aim is simply to bring people great music. Part of this is putting on live events and artist showcases. We have been running a Thursday night event at the Hamilton Station Hotel that focuses on showcasing live Hip Hop performances in all their various forms. Hip Hop has been traditionally misunderstood by a lot of people in this city, which has led to certain venues and people trying to ignore it or stop it from happening. We wanted to put together an arena where all the talented Hip Hop artists from our city could showcase their talents. There is a lot. Hip Hop people know how to party and have fun, so it's a good vibe.


As a DJ, who and what inspires you?

Life. I see DJing as being made up of all the same elements that make up my life. So I'm always trying to take whatever I learn day to day and apply it to my DJing in whatever way I can.


Madhouse Radio is about to become a thing. You have successfully run a campaign through pozible to fund the project; with the assistance of Creative Partnerships Australia, This Is Not Art and Octapod, can you describe Madhouse Radio?

It's really just an extension of what we have already been doing. Giving people more of what they want in it's pure form instead of the watered down versions they might get elsewhere, only now instead of being able to reach people in nightclubs or bars at certain times of the week, we can reach them wherever they are at any time. That might be bringing people new artists, new music or bringing them the facts on what's happening. The world is digital now, so Madhouse is digital too.


What is the lowdown for Madhouse and Micks King in October?

We got to keep it moving, Hip Hop in Newcastle is crazy right now, there is a lot of people doing a lot of great things so we going to stay on the front lines bringing people all the great new music we can. We got two great parties in the first week I'm definitely looking forward to on the 3rd at the Hamilton Station Hotel and on the 5th at The Cambridge Hotel. Lots of great artists are involved like Blades, Context & Jimmy Flipshit, P. Smurf, Tycotic, Corner Store Superheroes, Lomas & Mad Man, Dawn Laird, Stateovmind, Talakai, Kale and like a thousand other great guys who are going to hate me for not mentioning them. Of course Wizla will be on the loose as well. He just bought a van. Last I seen he was putting a DJ mixer in the back.


Anything else our readers should know about Madhouse or yourself?

Everyone should have fun and get involved with the art of expressing themselves. It doesn't have to be with Madhouse, whatever makes you happy. As long as people are getting involved with music and the arts in Newcastle I'm happy.





Hashtag - Top 5 - August 2014 by Kian West


Top 5 Tracks for August 2014


Hashtag-boys_greySecond chances don’t come around often in life and it’s not always the best idea to take up the offer however when the guys at The Mirage asked if we’d like to get involved again there was only one answer, yes. So…. First things first, a huge thank-you needs to go out to the guys at The Mirage for having us back, even if they do come to regret it. We would like to think we had some decent input in the last article but it’s probably a much better assumption to say that flattery will get you everywhere, either way we’re back and hopefully to stay. Being a little colder than usual of late, a fair amount of the tracks we have this month are quite mellow to tie in with the cozy nights we’ve had rugged up by the fire.

Coffee – Sylva Esso (Ms Mr Remix) The shivers and feel good vibes that were felt when we first heard the original of this track were sensational but the remix takes it to new levels. The build and layering right from the start of the MSMR remix of Coffee is beautiful, throw in a high end xylophone sound for good measure every now and then, a few melodic break downs and MSMR have brought it all together perfectly. A great way to start any day and if you get a moment check out the original’s film clip, fun times all round. Walk this Way – Lido Refix Wow, just wow! This tune is so simple yet very effective. Stripped down of almost everything but drums and vocals at points and a vocal hook that says it all “all my life I’ve stuck to the rhythm” this tune has rhythm and bass for days. The absolute final selling point for the tune is the last two minutes, the break down and subsequent drop could not work any better. All that she wants – Plastic Plates Remix All that she wants… All that we want is more Remixes from Plastic Plates! Renowned for his Nu-disco fueled re-licks of some great tracks, the efforts done on Ace of Base’s classic “All that She wants” are another well-earned notch on an already overflowing belt of remixes. No more description required, definitely give this one a listen or ten =) Strange Enough – Verite With an extremely cruisey start and some mesmerizing vocals reminiscent of Katy B and Imogen Heap, Strange Enough captured our attention on a number of levels right from the start. Some great synths and harmonic vocals get you straight into the song and it’s hard to get away once Verite captures you with that voice. While it starts out mellow Strange enough builds into an orchestral masterpiece that would sit well at any high-flying moment front and center at a festival and definitely has us waiting in eager anticipation to see what she releases next. Yes, this is her first release =) No More - Shlohmo & Jeremih If there is to be a 2014 retake of Romeo and Juliet, No More would fit perfectly into its soundtrack. It may sound weird to say but there is an extreme amount of conflict and contrast throughout the entire song. Opening with a grinding industrial sound it quickly evolves into a mish mash of synths, hi hats, low end goodness and layered with some heart felt vocals, on paper it sounds like there is now way in hell that could sound any good yet, somehow it not only works but brings the goose-bumps on in full force. Definitely saved the best for last with this one! And that concludes take two of our top 5 tracks for the month. Yours truly, Mr S.O. Gloin and the Hashtag lads






ROUTE 94 × MY LOVE [WBBL REMIX] Everyone is falling in love with Route 94 at the moment, especially the super deep and groovy tune 'My Love'. The vocal on this track is one of the sexiest and catchiest I’ve heard in a long time making it a future classic for sure. WBBL is one of my favorite (and before now quite secret) remixer/producers as he flawlessly blends Glitch, Hip Hop, House and Funk music. He smashes this remix by slowing down the tempo and adding an extra dirty base line that will sound good even if sped up. Definitely one for a chilled out set but you could really drop this any time.

D’ANGELO × SPANISH JOINT [KERO ONE REMIX] It’s very hard to get any better than D’angelo when it comes to Soul music – or any music for that matter. If you ask me, every track on both of his albums are pretty much perfect in terms of songwriting, groove and overall sexiness. I stumbled across this remix of Spanish Joint not long ago and was impressed how it kept the feel and vibe of the original version (not a small feat!). D’s voice remains smooth as butter through the added subtle synth lines, dancier drum beats and a piano EQ’d to sound like a 1940’s jazz recording. One of the coolest tracks I’ve heard in the past few months.

SHIFT K3Y × TOUCH [SHIFT K3Y REMIX] Released in March, Shift K3Y has produced a House track that will be the summer anthem for lots of party goers in the UK. Touch’s EP has a number of remixes on it but doesn’t include this version, a remix by Shift K3Y himself. For the moment it can only be found on his Soundcloud page. His vocal is fun and poppy and the drop is super funky. Touch is an awesome party track that will quickly get the D-Floor full and going mental. This track has been featured on Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC1 a number of times so watch out for both this song and artist!

TUNESDISCLOSURE × LATCH [SPORT D’EQUIPE SMOOTH OPERATION] Some Disclosure fans may think what Sport d’Equipe have done to arguably their biggest track is blasphemous. I think it’s brilliant. They have completely turned Latch on its head by eliminating virtually every deep house element that have given Disclosure their iconic sound the past couple of years. Instead Sport d’Equipe keep only the vocals and add piano, organs, blues guitar, a horn section and a very jazzy and addictive swing groove. It may take a few listens to get used to but I guarantee this song will have you bopping at one point or another. I can’t wait to play this at the end of the night and see how the crowd reacts.

SNARKY PUPPY × LINGUS Though Snarky Puppy have been lighting up the Jazz and World music scenes for years, I feel like it wasn’t until last year’s album, Family Dinner Volume 1, that they were in the mainstream. Embarrassingly, I had not heard of these guys until their Grammy winning and uber funky single 'Something' featuring the ridiculous vocals of Lalah Hathaway. It was hard finding a favourite track on their latest album, We Like it Here, as they all showcase how unbelievably talented this group is. Lingus, the epic 11 minute final track on the album starts out with a swagger that would make Jay-Z run to his mother, then crescendo's into a perfect wildfire of progressive fusion. Check out not only this track but their entire catalogue if you haven’t already!









CROSSES × BITCHES BREW We’re only a few months into 2014 and already the debut self-titled album from electronic rock band Crosses stands out as one of the year’s potential highlights. The album’s lead single, “Bitches Brew”, is a great example of the attention to detail and overall restraint found throughout the album, which keeps the listener engaged but on edge. However, the track erupts in an intense ending sure to please fans of frontman Chino Moreno’s other projects. Check this out if you like: Puscifer, Nine Inch Nails, OSI. BALL PARK MUSIC × SHE ONLY LOVES ME WHEN I’M THERE While I didn’t mind the band’s first two albums, I never thought a Ball Park Music track would grab my attention the way that “She Only Loves Me When I’m There” has. The band has absolutely stepped up their game as far as production and songwriting is concerned, and they have managed to strike a perfect balance between layered and dense without being too busy or cluttered. All of this combined with a creative song structure and a series of amazing vocal melodies have made this one of my favourite 2014 tracks to date, one that will likely get my vote in that big old countdown. Check this out if you like: The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand, The Rubens. ARCADE FIRE × NORMAL PERSON Like many, I was lucky to see Arcade Fire live a couple of times at the beginning of this year when they toured Australia as part of the Big Day Out festival. While there was much to love about “Reflektor”, the studio album they released towards the end of last year, there were a few tracks that didn’t strike me as being particularly strong (as can be the nature with many double albums). One such example was the track “Normal Person”, which I thought was good but nothing to write home about until I saw the band open their Sydney festival set with it. The sheer energy and excitement the band injected into the track’s live performance gave me a whole new appreciation for it, and I’ve had it on high rotation ever since. Check this out if you like: Phoenix, LCD Soundsystem, Broken Bells. PERIPHERY × FEED THE GROUND Periphery kicked off 2014 by releasing “Clear”, a brand new EP consisting of tracks written individually by each member of the band, rather than collaboratively as heard on their studio albums. Given that the EP was described as more of an experiment than a legitimate entry in the band’s discography, its polarising reviews from even the band’s biggest fans are unsurprising. “Feed The Ground”, an uptempo metal track with accessible, memorable pop-influenced vocal melodies, is one of the highlights from the EP. The occasional screamed vocal and heavy riffing won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but as far as quality heavy music goes, there certainly is a lot here that fans of pop and/or alternative rock could enjoy. Check this out if you like: Protest The Hero, Twelve Foot Ninja, Dead Letter Circus. MAGIC NUMBER × COMING BACK TO ME [ATJAZZ REMIX] I came across this track while compiling some new material to play at Sunday Republic a few weeks ago, and was absolutely blown away. While I can’t say I’m familiar with any previous material released by Magic Number or Atjazz, this remix is by far one of the tastiest soulful deep house tracks I’ve heard in a long time. The use of syncopation and occasional glitched vocals throughout adds a subtle, unique dimension to the track’s stripped down, jazz-influenced ensemble. In a perfect world, this is the kind of track that would receive some kind of widespread recognition and popularity. Check this out if you like: Moloko, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack. AMOS WELLINGS × MARCH DATES Saturday 15th March × THE ARGYLE HOUSE Wednesday 19th March × THE ARGYLE HOUSE Saturday 29th March × KING STREET HOTEL *More to be confirmed

Hunter Music Production Collective - December by Kian West


Did you catch the third Bing Bang Bong?

Some incredible sets from CRZN, Gillies and JWell.


It is festival season and this year has seen some major highs with gigantic artist line-ups, as well as some major lows with several festivals disappearing or re-inventing themselves as “boutique” versions of themselves. What does this do to the club circuit and the normal Weekend out? Are people still making the same effort to get to shows mid-week or even Friday and Saturday nights, or are we saving every penny to see half a dozen huge names in festival locations?

This is something that has been going around discussion tables with HMPC for some time, and it is interesting to witness the new generations who are accustomed to this way of life and how they deal with a shift in how music is a part of socialising. It has an on-flow effect on emerging talent because it is harder to get bodies inside venues to support their creativity and for talent to emerge. So much harder to become “discovered” if there is no one there to discover you. But this crisis isn’t happening for the first time, maybe just for the first time in the dance scene - bands have been dealing with this for a while now.

So if you aren’t discovering new music live, where is it coming from? The Internet is the obvious answer, but how do you source new “good” music with so many options but no way to sift through to all the greatest tunes. Following your favourite artists on soundcloud, blogs, maybe hypemachine, itunes or aria charts, there are a multitude of options, but then how often are you the tastemaker the tune selector that people go to for inspiration. Do you hold a group of fans attention as they await your next selection, who asks you regularly what you are listening to or enjoying? If you are a DJ it is often your job to take this role, but there is also a balance there of selecting what you like and also what the crowd will like. These two things do not have to both happen to be an excellent DJ, often being able to hear a popular tune and add it into the playlist is a talent greater than the ear that just hears what it likes.

So it is with this we reach the point, the summary of this article, and in tandem, the end of the year. Have a think about your top 10 songs for 2013, as well as maybe the 10 songs that stand out for the year, maybe not your favorites personally but what songs made an impact on the year. They could have been used as tv commercials or at a pivotal moment in a movie, or a radio tune playing when something personal happened. These are not necessarily in your top 10 favorites but they stand out for their memorability.


The Rainbow Flag Darkens In Newcastle by Newcastle Discovered


Living in Newcastle and being a young (ish) gay man feels at times a little hard up for entertainment and a safe place to meet people. While the Gateway has stood tall for many years as the only LGBT venue in town, only having one option is well, not really an option at all. Another highlight is Picnic In The Park, run by Rainbow Visions, who run the annual LGBT festival that is one of the greatest cultural events our city has to offer.914058_678923128799051_1097851271_o Then in 2012 a second LGBT venue opened, “Unity”, at the Sydney Junction Hotel. It was not just a venue; it was a club and event venue that attracted some amazing national and international talent to our town.

So when I read this year that the picnic in the park was cancelled due to lack of support, and Unity closed due to new management at SJ's, I was honestly really ticked off. It felt like the gay community in Newcastle was just starting to go somewhere and then it all just disappeared. The Rainbow Visions Festival is partially funded by the government but relies a lot on membership and fundraising events to put on more, and sadly it did not raise enough money this year to cover the cost of the picnic.

The Sydney Junction Hotel forced Metro Entertainment's Unity club with the owner Kate Beauchamp stating that she wished for the hotel to go in a “different direction” (oddly enough the hotel is now painted hot pink - looking gayer than it ever did?). I spoke with Aaron Little from Metro Entertainment, who is hard at work finding a new home for Unity in Newcastle. “We are very busy working on getting UNITY Nightclub relaunched at a new venue in Newcastle. Currently we have had many offers, but are looking for the right place to move our safe venue.”

So what can we do? Get out there and support local LGBT events! If we want our community to grow and make a mark in Newcastle, supporting the venues and people that put on these events is essential. We will be posting what is happening on our Facebook page so please get behind our community and show your pink support!




UNITY FINDS A NEW HOME Newcastle’s UNITY Nightclub has found a new home in Newcastle after being approached by the owners of one of Newcastle's most iconic nightlife hotspots

UNITY's new home is at Newcastle’s Crown & Anchor Hotel. The Crown & Anchor Hotel owners approached Metro Entertainment directors Aaron Little & Ashley Doran after hearing about the clubs sudden ejection from the Sydney Junction Hotel at the hands of the Hamilton hotel’s new licensee.

The Crown & Anchor has dedicated its 2nd floor club level, formerly the iconic “Frostbites”, to UNITY after hearing about the plight of the club. The owners of the Crown and Anchor have copped their fair share of media attention recently when they met heavy opposition from residents to turn the hotel into a gentleman’s club however have decided to work with UNITY, a nightclub brand which had statistically the lowest recorded incidents of alcohol-related violence in the Newcastle area in the last 12 months.

“We received so many calls from licensees, club promoters and venue owners in the Newcastle area and beyond, wanting to take UNITY after the Newcastle Herald published their story on UNITY”, said director Aaron Little.

“The boys at the Crown and Anchor are young, full of ideas and wanted to help the LGBT community of Newcastle plus it’s a great venue” explained Little regarding the reason that the Crown & Anchor was their final choice. “It’s centrally located, close to public transport, there’s a taxi rank directly outside and with our clubs record of outstanding patron behaviour we think it’s going to be an asset to that area of town and really help to rejuvenate nightlife in a positive direction.”

“People are under the perception that UNITY is a “gay” bar… but it’s not. Yes, we provide a safe space for the gay, lesbian and transgender community of Newcastle but we also have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination of any sort (race, gender or sexuality) and a zero-tolerance policy on violence or bullying of any type. Everyone is welcome at UNITY as long as you are there to have a good time and you believe, accept, respect and promote that everyone is different.”

At this point UNITY promoters have advised that the club will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will play host to many of Australia’s best DJ’s, performing artists and drag queens. Whilst Friday and Saturday nights have always been extremely busy for the nightclub brand the promoters hope to bring back “Sunday sessions” to the inner city where patrons can enjoy laidback house music with a cocktail or 2 on one of the two balconies overlooking the mall and the harbour during summer.

UNITY will open on Friday 8 November with Diva award winning DJ (2006-2013) KITTY GLITTER plus a huge show lineup and some very special international guests on the Saturday 9 November

The Crown & Anchor Hotel is located at 189 Hunter Street Newcastle. For more information on UNITY go to their website