Burlesque Life Drawing on Tomorrow at The Edwards by Brooke Tunbridge

Tomorrow night, Burlesque Life Drawing is coming to The Edwards Bar. 

The event is run by Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, who are here to change the perception of life drawing. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School began in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple,with a simple concept. Artist’s draw glamorous burlesque dancers, compete in contests, and win wacky prizes.

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Sitting there thinking 'why isn't there a cool party I can go to that is guaranteed to have some fun straight-up Hip-Hop & Rap music all night' well I have just the solution for you. The Cambridge Hotel have just finished renovating the Cambo Courtyard and now it is time to throw down. An intimate event to turn up at. The kids said something about "Getting LIT" but I still don't know what that means? Anyways here are the details. 

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Having fun at School, Playground Sounds by Kian West

It is pretty incredible watching a school full of students all dancing around and having fun, knowing that they are also doing something good for their bodies and minds. It's pretty impressive once you realise this idea came out of our own home town. 

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PLACES WE LOVE: The Cambridge Hotel by Kian West


Cambridge 3Some think of the Cambridge Hotel, The Cambo, as the heart and soul of the city. The venue that plays host to every band they want to see and the space in which so many beautiful memories. For others The Cambo has lost its way over the past few years (maybe a decade) but it has turned the corner! Installing the always delicious Newy Burger Co. a burger joint that plays off Novocastrians sense of pride with perfectly named burgers that are super duper tasty. Plus The Cambo has bringing the music back with a gigantic list of touring artists walking through the doors over the coming months and seems set to #BringIt with a fantastic New Years Eve lineup! Cambridge 1Place: The Cambridge Hotel Address: 789 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW Hours:


Why We Love it: They are doing it! They are bringing the pride back to The Cambo and more importantly the music back to the city! We know that there are a heap of cool venues putting on local heroes and we love them too, but Newcastle needs an alternative, rock, metal, indie band venue for the masses, a space for hip-hop, rap and electronic to happen for larger groups (but not festival sized). Plus #burgers

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