coffee snobs

Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Peaberrys Coffee Roasters 2.0 by Michelle Kot

Peaberrys Coffee Roasters on Maitland Road, Islington, have taken a few gos at renovating and rebranding to find their true self – and the good news is they’ve found it. The Coffee Snobs were lucky enough to revisit their HQ years after our first foray into the world of ‘cupping’ here back in 2013.

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Crema Coffee Garage vs. Newcastle Coffee Snobs by Newcastle Discovered

On Broadmeadow Road, loud and proud between a whitegoods store and a muscle factory, sits Crema Coffee Garage, securely cornering the coffee scene of the area. And if you've ever wanted to sit in the eye of a coffee-lover’s storm, Crema's tables are nestled amongst coffee paraphernalia and a constant flow of Novocastrians coming in to get their beans for the weekend.

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Door 34 Vs. Newcastle Coffee Snobs by Newcastle Discovered

Back in the day you went to Cardiff to get your licence (fourth time lucky), catch a train, or maybe visit the library. Now, thanks to a period of gentrification and big players like Woolies and Aldi moving into the ‘burb, it’s bustling with people who enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of Newcastle.

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