Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. The Box Espresso Bar by Michelle Kot

There’s a place at the end of a cul-de-sac, beyond the road skiddies that the big boys left in their cars, that is a coffee mirage in a concrete jungle. Just off the highway at Gateshead, The Box Espresso Bar still shows all the classic signs of a gym junkie’s post-workout hang, but it’s so much more than that now thanks to friendly barista owners David and Luke. The place smells awesome with My 3 Sons candles and has a lot of heart.

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Newcastle's Own Bubble Tea Bar, by Brooke Tunbridge by Brooke Tunbridge

Tucked away just behind Glebe Road, you’ll find Bubble Tea Bar, a unique addition to the Merewether cafe scene. The black and white Bubble Tea Bar trailer has been set up in the spot for only a few weeks, although you may have already spotted it at local markets on the weekends. The trailer sits in front of a giant mural, making good use of the car park space it’s located in.

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Crema Coffee Garage vs. Newcastle Coffee Snobs by Newcastle Discovered

On Broadmeadow Road, loud and proud between a whitegoods store and a muscle factory, sits Crema Coffee Garage, securely cornering the coffee scene of the area. And if you've ever wanted to sit in the eye of a coffee-lover’s storm, Crema's tables are nestled amongst coffee paraphernalia and a constant flow of Novocastrians coming in to get their beans for the weekend.

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