Introducing Lissome | An Empowering space in Newcastle for Women's Health & Fitness by Hannah Stretton

Okay girls, let's be honest - the gym can be a super intimidating place at times, right? Sometimes you feel out of place and like you are constantly competing with big gym junkie egos. Well, I think I may have just found something that will change your perspective on the gym/cross-fit experience & get you pumped to go every time. That discovery is Lissome, a gym for women by women. 

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Baked Uprising 2BREAD. Isn't that a good enough reason to LOVE Baked Uprising? If it isn't, well there are all manner of delicious pastries available... plus they do a premo delicious coffee.

Still not enough? Check out the Cool People Article from a few months ago on Alice from BU.

Place: BAKED UPRISING Address: CNR - Downie & Hogue Street Wickham, NSW Hours: Wed 830-230 Fri-Sun 830-230 Why We Love it: Personally it is a great location for us just a few blocks from the office so a great excuse to get out for a wander with a beautiful reward at the end. But it is really worth the visit for anyone that loves what we suggested (did we say BREAD/ PASTRIES ?!?) and it is tucked just out of plain sight from the main road so it has this feeling that you have found some buried treasure... #delicious





Baked Uprising 1