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So Much Music, August: With Chris Dunny Dunn by Newcastle Discovered

I'm slowly expanding the local music section of this outlet, but I still need YOU to bring me the releases. I know you’re out there, so stop just selling to the mates that show up at your shows and bring your new release in to sell to the public and let my old jaded ears have a listen as well. You might even end up with some words like these guys!


Let’s start with The Australian Beefweek Show. I first heard of these guys 16 years ago when I spent an ill-fated six months in Soldiers Point with the woman I was going to marry... But that's another story. We were going to start a new ‘punk’ record label, ‘Manual Evacuation’, and having not even heard these guys, we wanted them! Cat # ‘slip it in one’. Today, as I listen to these guys on disc after visiting the bottle-o and coke dealer, I know I was right! Tonight we party, tomorrow we suffer!


These guys play a brand of pub rock for the 21st century. It’s all about the sing-alongs and punk rock influence. If the Smith Street Band thought they had a monopoly on new Aussie rock, then their old uncles are making a racket to rival their JJJ cool.


And now onto Vanishing Shapes. These guys would make any dark Sunday morning livable again. The recording captures all the rich textures of their instruments and the ears scream for a vinyl pressing of this amazing bunch of musicians, who are basically just jamming and evolving.


From classical influence to jazz to old English folk, they mix sounds and styles with a seamless ease. I don't know if they know of Sydney band CODA, but if there was a scene that was made up of musical intellectuals, then these guys would be the hot new kids on the block. I look forward to their next recorded adventures.


RAAVE TAPES are the whirlwind phenomenon of Newcastle now. A band that's going out there, seizing what is NOW and making the anticipation of their next gig something to look forward to. Now to the music…


Again on a disc, no vinyl. These guys, like label mates Vacations, are writing incredible indie-style pop. I detect a slight Klaxons influence with their late-noughties new rave sound, but they don't dwell on it and move into other sounds with ease. These guys are worth checking out live and their future will be very interesting to watch.