bravo victor

Bravo Victor's, 'Fire & Ice', Live Music Video - Out Now! by Hannah Stretton

Back at it again, with yet another beautifully shot music video, is the illuminating duo - Bravo Victor. This time, with a stripped back rendition of 'Fire & Ice', a fan favourite and vocal crescendo from their self-titled EP. Lucky for us all, the video has come out a little earlier than expected too, which is an epic treat for Bravo Victor fans and some, hopefully, newly acquired fans. 

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Bravo Victor w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

Continuing on our line-up of incredible artists to appear at Darby Street Live on the 24th of this month is the duo, Jono Burgess (bassist) & Sophie Aked (vocals), who bring us Bravo Victor. 

Having met while studying at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music in 2013, the pair, despite their musical differences, came together & mixed their loves of jazz, classic and pop music to create original scores and melodies - you could say they created a Frankenstein of sorts.

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