Anzac memorial walk 2Greatest city on Earth? We certainly think so. Where else are there such incredibly beautiful beaches stacked up practically against the inner-city with this amazing working harbour that connects us with the rest of the world. Where the people are this funny mix of creative - laid-back - working class-free spirit fun and generally helpful folk. Passionate and driven, we don't always see Newcastle the same way, some people come to division over fig trees or railway lines, but it is really this passion that unites us, the passion for the city and how we as a community want it to evolve. Maybe the one thing we are missing is a leader with a vision so big and bold they are able to pull apart those divisions and paint a picture that everyone can agree upon. IMG_7177 night view of Newcastle from Stockton






Place: Newcastle, NSW Australia Address: 2300 Hours: All Day Every Day

Why We Love it: It is the way we love coffee just as much as Melbourne or Europe, our chilled outlook similar to Byron Bay, It isn't Sydney but you could visit there if you need to, with this rad little scattering of hipster bars, restaurants galore, so many venues with views of the water and a general realisation of everyone that this really is the best place ever.


Anzac memorial walk 1Newie Mirage crew - Kian & Ryan