benn allsop

An Interview with Benn Allsop, by Kian West by Kian West

I sat down with Benn one Friday afternoon for a cold beverage and a chat. It is always hard to tell if you will hit it off with someone you’ve either never met or only really spoken to over the internet or phone, but the conversation was flowing, probably a new record interview for me. You are going to want to check this talent out after reading this, I promise you.  

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DARBY STREET LIVE SHOWCASE: Benn Allsop w/ Hannah Stretton by Hannah Stretton

When you dedicate a song to your soul-mate & perform it at your wedding 👰🏻, you're bound to win some brownie points for life. But, when you then take that a step further & broadcast it on the internet and it ends up going viral - well dude, not only have you set some high standards for the ladies & fellas (and non-binary individuals) out there (gee, thanks), but you've also won brownie points with the whole freaking world (that includes Ashton Kutcher... yeah, you saw that correctly). This, my friends, is Mr. Benn Allsop - the man, who did just that, and is bringing his first ever solo gig to Darby Street Live this Saturday. 

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