YOGA THROUGH A LENS - 1 by Kian West


As you will notice this image isn't the same as the one inside Mirage for August. It appears we are but mortal humans and made a mistake. Many apologies to Cathy Mead that this has happened. Now when you look at the image and read her article it will all make sense...


Imagine yoga in front of iconic Newcastle locations. That’s what this is all about.


Newcastle is incredibly beautiful. Without looking too hard you can find an amazing vantage point to see so many things. Sadly, over the years I had forgotten this and my daily routine consisted of work, shop, home. Sometimes I’d go to the gym and, of course, I had my regular gymnastics session every Friday night. However, this all changed about a year ago when I finally went to a yoga class. I’d always thought that I just didn’t have enough inner peace for yoga. I quickly realised that that was the entire point of practicing. Combining this with my recently remembered love of photography, I have had my eyes opened to the beauty all around that has been here all along. This photo is at Shepherd’s Hill in Newcastle (at the top of King Edward Park) and it has one of the best views over Newcastle’s ocean and beach that you can get. So I’m Cathy, and I’m the random yogi you might see running around at sunrise trying to get in front of my camera before the timer runs out. Namaste.


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