Jess Moxey from Hey Lady! by Kian by Kian West

THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE - 18/05/17 - CAMBRIDGE HOTEL : Ahead of their gig at The Cambridge as part of our monthly Thursday Night Live feature collab with Love+Rent we had a quick as chat with Jess from hit local band 'Hey Lady!' to get a little more info on the band before their rock our worlds.  

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Meet: King Single, before you see him April 20, by Kian by Kian West

Our attentive readers might recognise King Single AKA Robert Nedeljkovic from a previous issue ahead of his performance at The Cambridge Hotel and now he is coming back to headline our next collab event with Love & Rent April 20th! 
So we had a quick as chat with Rob to find out where he is at before this next gig.

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The Dershwins, by Brooke Tunbridge by Kian West

Lindsay O’Connell, Paige Cooley, Lochlane Huntington and James Hodgett make up The Dershwins and while the band is a fresh addition to Newcastle, the members are no strangers to the local music scene. Lochlane and James play in William John Jr. while Lindsay can be found collaborating with Raave Tapes and other local artists, or as Lochlane says, ‘doing a harmony here and there’.

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