Record Store Day

So Much Music April, Spencer & Dunny by Newcastle Discovered

So much has been happening at The Edwards Shop this month, we’ve barely had a moment to rest. The racks are currently bursting with new releases; with everything from Client Liason to Mindsnare – there really is something for everyone.

However, it’s been a quiet month for local releases. We’ve seen artists like Suburban Haze, All In A Year, Rachel Maria Cox, and Voodoo Youth post updates from the studio, and we can’t wait to hear their fantastic new releases. If you’ve just put out something on CD, tape, or vinyl – we would love to stock it!

Meanwhile, we’ve been working with Chris Joannou to help curate The Good Oil – a new Thursday night dedicated to music lovers at The Edwards. We had our launch show on March 2nd, and since then we’ve been lucky to have acts like Yon Yonson, A.D.K.O.B. and The Treehouse Children grace the stage.

April is looking great for The Good Oil too, with acts like The Pink Tiles and Tall Trees coming through town – make sure you check them out.

And finally, it’s approaching: Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 22nd, and of course we will be celebrating. We can’t reveal all the details yet, but mark it in your calendars, because it’s set to be a fantastic day.

Record Store Day is celebrating its 10th year in 2017. What started as an idea of Baltimore has exploded to become a worldwide phenomenon, giving a much-needed boost to your local record store, and the vinyl industry as a whole.

In recent years, though, it feels like some of the core values of Record Store Day have been lost in the shuffle. Major labels have become more concerned with re-issuing old albums at extravagant prices, a problem that is only made worse by scalpers looking to sell them at a premium hours later.

The Edwards Shop will be celebrating all the things that make Record Store Day and independent record stores great: finding that one album you have been on the search for for months; falling in love with the band that Dunny told you to listen to; the feeling of dropping the needle onto a brand new record; poring over the liner notes while you listen. I could go on all day.

We’re celebrating community and music, and supporting local business. We love Record Store Day and so should you.