RARA RAVING ABOUT - GIN FIZZ, by Kiara Grant by Kiara Grant

Okay, just what the f*ck is going on in the world? That wasn't really a rhetorical question but I just don’t think I wanna hear the answer. I’ve stopped watching the news. Any time I've asked myself this month, it's just made me want a drink

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RA-RA RAVING ABOUT COCKTAILS – Cosmopolitan by Kiara Grant by Kiara Grant

I’ve felt a change in the air lately and perhaps you have too. The days are getting longer, shoulders are reappearing, the light rail is coming along… And marriage equality is near. If you’re reading this and have voted positively, thank you.

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RARA REVIEWS: Espresso Martini by Kian West

At this time of year there is not much motivation to party, unless you’re in Europe – and if you are, I don’t want to hear about it, there’s too much FOMO. For most of us it’s dark and dreary by the time we step out of work and any inclination to head back out is gone when Netflix asks, ‘Are you still watching?’ Fuck that, there’s still fun to be had, and my solution has been a post-work espresso martini. Newcastle loves coffee, Newcastle loves a drink – is it even worth asking what our favourite cocktail is? Thankfully, essentially every bar caters to our needs. Here’s where you can find the best.

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