Newcastle Coffee Snobs

Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. The Barn by Michelle Kot

Every now and then you find a café that doesn’t have a complicated, coded, punny name and just calls it like it is. The Barn at Adamstown does exactly that, and it’s catching on as a foodie haven, according to the herds inside. The friendly owners used to run the funky Bondwood travelling van on the front lawn, but now they’ve moved inside to roost, making it a bespoke home of live music, big group tables and community vibes.

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Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Corner House by Michelle Kot

As a young lass, the ‘corner shop’ for me was a haven of hot chips and a pretty good haul of a bag of mixed lollies for 20 cents. Today, in the age of smashed Vegemite on a chopping board, you can get so much more from your corner store – or, in this case, the ‘Corner House’ we visited last month on the corner of Union and Laman Streets, Cooks Hill.

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Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Roule by Maillot Juane by Michelle Kot

Whether you roll in on two wheels, four or your own two hooves, the first thing you’ll notice about Roulé by Maillot Juane is its Millennium Falcon-like machine on the bench: The Slayer. Owners Mark and Dave know that in Australia milk-based coffee is king; this machine caters to that and is the first of its kind on the market.

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