Jason Mraz

Tom Bofinger by Kian West


You might recognise Tom as the handsome man behind the drum kit in bands like Skyepoint and Featherstone, but he is also an incredible solo performer. Smooth vocal crooning drawing similarities to John Mayer or Jason Mraz. The Bof won’t tell you how amazing he is, he would rather blow you away with a musical number that makes the hairs stand up at the back of your neck.

Tom, you play in a few different bands at the moment. Tell us who they are, the style, and what you bring to the group…

I play In an Alt Rock 5 piece band called Featherstone. This is my biggest creative outlet at the moment when It comes to Drumming, all the members come from varied genre influences and backgrounds which gives us a really unique sound. I also have just started in a new project called Freebird, fronted by Grant Walmsley (formerly of The Screaming Jets). Its all about getting down and dirty with early Blues from the likes of Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, & plenty more. I also have stared working on a new Soul Band, bringing new funky upbeat life to classic soul tunes of the 60’s & 70’s. On top of all these I have a couple of Pub rock ‘covers’ bands in the pipeline.

Being an awesome drummer is super cool, Just like Dave Grohl, but like Dave when should we expect to see you at the front of the band?

Well, I wouldn’t really think of myself as being anywhere near the likes of Mr Grohl. Although I feel very at home behind a drum kit, the Guitar was my first musical love. I’ve been writing my own songs for a few years and I’m currently in the process of assembling a super group of Newcastle musicians to back me up with this scary but exciting project!

When you grow up, what do you want to be?

Well, perhaps it would be a little to obvious to say that I only want to be a musician, however apart from that being true, I have always thought it would be cool to be a radio personality or live in a tree house in the jungle and raise baby Jaguars. But, maybe I’ll just stick to music.

If you could have been in any band alive or dead, who would it be and why?

As much as I feel I should answer this question with The Beatles or The Rolling Stones or Led Zepplin (any of those would be indescribable) I have always wanted to play drums for John Mayer. His music has been my biggest influence since getting into music, so that would be awesome.

Nickleback, love them or hate them?

How could you not love Nickleback? They’re great!