James Arthur

Single Track Mind - December by Kian West


When he isn’t rocking dance floors at places like Argyle House for their 80s/90s/00s ‘Almost Famous’ student night, or killing it on street level at King Street Hotel, he is normally found listening to one of the most eclectic of musical selections. This is what makes his DJ style so unique; the ability to pull inspiration from such a vast selection and not being afraid to drop the most cheesy of pop hit. You know you’ll love it! James Arthur / You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

James Arthur video shoot shot at wimbledon studios on 15.08.13

Somewhere between the crooner smooth of Michael Buble and the off kilter flow of Plan B lives the vocal talent of James Arthur. This is a stand out track off his self-titled debut album. I think he won some TV competition, but I’m not going to hold it against him, the track is that great.

For Fans of: Michael Buble, Daniel Bedingfield, or Plan B.

Lily Allen / Hard Out Here


Not one to shy away from telling people what she is thinking, this fresh new tune from Lily is exactly what she is renowned for. Biting lyrically but at the same time sexy, smooth, and commercially viable, it is incredibly hard to write a great pop song, so it must be harder still to write something so well wrapped in anti-pop sentiment with a big F You to those groups she decides she hates. Some controversy surrounds this videoclip (like much of what Mrs Allen does). You should look it up.

For Fans of: Amy Winehouse, Professor Green or Pink.

Kanye West / Bound 2


I’m not listing to this for the track, but for the video clip that has had the internets in a tither since it was released. Kanye loves a bit of controversy and this is just the kind of hype that man loves. Complete with Kim, this video is amazing and it’s so quirking. Google it.

For Fans of: Kim Kardashian, horses, or motorbikes.