Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Corner House by Michelle Kot

As a young lass, the ‘corner shop’ for me was a haven of hot chips and a pretty good haul of a bag of mixed lollies for 20 cents. Today, in the age of smashed Vegemite on a chopping board, you can get so much more from your corner store – or, in this case, the ‘Corner House’ we visited last month on the corner of Union and Laman Streets, Cooks Hill.

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Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Roule by Maillot Juane by Michelle Kot

Whether you roll in on two wheels, four or your own two hooves, the first thing you’ll notice about Roulé by Maillot Juane is its Millennium Falcon-like machine on the bench: The Slayer. Owners Mark and Dave know that in Australia milk-based coffee is king; this machine caters to that and is the first of its kind on the market.

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Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Peaberrys Coffee Roasters 2.0 by Michelle Kot

Peaberrys Coffee Roasters on Maitland Road, Islington, have taken a few gos at renovating and rebranding to find their true self – and the good news is they’ve found it. The Coffee Snobs were lucky enough to revisit their HQ years after our first foray into the world of ‘cupping’ here back in 2013.

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SIDEPOCKET_1In what was once a large petrol station, well it still is one, but taking up much of the real estate now are other small businesses sharing this Mayfield location including the cutest little coffee spot. Tucked neatly in the corner of this shared spot sits Side Pocket Espresso serving out perfectly poured caffeine and delightful treats to eat.  


  SIDEPOCKET_2Place: Side Pocket Espresso Address: 9/286-292 maitland rd., Newcastle, New South Wales 2304 Hours:



Why We Love it: As avid coffee enthusiasts we really enjoy a great latte or Soy Cappuccino at Side Pocket and that they lovingly support Newcastle Mirage with a front and centre space for our stand. A real community focused venue they are big supporters of what is happening around them and you can often find all the latest info on local news.  SIDEPOCKET_3



DARKHORSE1Just off the main drive in Wickham lives a delightful little coffee destination serving the locals and travelers alike. It feels a bit like a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle but close enough you could run back to if required. Place: Dark Horse Espresso Address: 20 - 24 Greenway Street, Newcastle, New South Wales 2293 Hours:


DARKHORSE2Why We Love it: Early adopters to Mirage + Delicious Coffee = pure love.

It is true, Dark Horse were one of the first stockists of our little magazine, supporting us from the very get-go and we have always been pumped to stop by at the beginning of the month for some glorious coffee and a delivery of warm Mirage. It is a great location to catch up with people or stop by quickly for a take away.



PAPA_2 Newcastle finally has the Bagel Bar it deserves. Papa's Bagel Bar is this incredible little space in the city, verging onto Newcastle West opposite the City Campus of Hunter TAFE lives a fantastic spot for coffee and food. Don't worry if you aren't familiar with Bagels, we weren't, but once you scan the menu you will quickly realise there is something for everyone, sweet or savoury, lunch, breakfast or a snack.

We recommend booking your next meeting there as the perfect cover for checking out the spot. Already been? Why not suggest their amazing catering services for the next work/family function. #delicious


PAPA_1Place: Papa's Bagel Bar Address: Corner of Devonshire Street & Hunter Street Newcastle West NSW 2302 Australia, Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am till 3:00pm ....

Sat 7:00am till 2:00pm

Why We Love it: BAGELS! Bagels seem like a real treat in Australia, we don't really have a culture surrounding them so it is a bit of a novelty food in some ways but with so many delicious toppings and flavoured bagels to choose from. PLUS! They do this real special thing to coffee, if you order a cappuccino the chocolate is grated fresh onto the top and makes it feel all the more special.



PLACES WE LOVE: Vivid Espresso by Kian West


  Photo 17-06-2015 11 52 01 amPhoto 17-06-2015 11 59 44 am

Photo 17-06-2015 11 51 48 am



When you walk around the streets of Wickham, Tighes Hill, Islington, Carrington and any other suburbs around the inner-city but just outside the hussel-n-bussel you can easily forget how close you are to CBD and relax.

Tucked away ever-so-neatly is one incredible little coffee destination...

Place: Vivid Espresso Address: 14 Milford Street, Islington. Hours: Monday - Saturday: 6am-12:30PM

Why We Love it: The Coffee! Whenever you find a Barista that is clearly passionate about what they are doing (the first time I visited she remade my coffee because she wasn't super confident it was perfect because of a fresh bag of beans) you can usually be sure that the coffee will be on point. It always is at Vivid. It is basically just a coffee spot, not really anything in the way of other snacks (it's not a cafe) but if you love that daily dose of Caffeine in coffee form and live around the area then make a visit a must-do-item on you weekly to-do list!

It's all the little things, as well as the coffee, that make this a space you want to re-visit again and again. To borrow a phrase "It's the Biscotti Moment" and in this case it means the little chocolate covered coffee bean placed lovingly on the lid of the cup. It is the amazingly designed coffee cups it is served in. Most importantly it is the staff that are open and keen to make niceties and genuinely seem interested that make you feel welcome and want that again.


Photo 17-06-2015 12 00 06 pm



Newcastle Coffee Snobs...December by Kian West


011aa052ddd865c794c7ce6d32788f6ec4ff1e68e2If you take a slight detour off the west end of Hunter Street, just down by the technicolour stairs over the train tracks you'll find Bank Corner Espresso & Bar. It's got a funky Gatsby vibe and it was hard to tell if this particular morning was very busy or it was just that we had come to snob when two new staff is learning the ropes. A fellow snob who is a regular tells me it’s a bit of both. Along with the 1920s feel everything from the menu to staff accents is authentic European.

But the coffee…tre bien! Umami Coffee Roasters via Erskinville is on the machine; my latte had good temperature and very subtle in strength and flavours. Something outside the usual espresso bar sphere is flavoured coffee: Bank Corner has on its menu coconut affogatto; salted caramel coffee and stone cold dirty hippy.

One thing that is also notable is the crowd of regulars most of whom were getting takeaways on their way to somewhere else but this is a place you go out of your way for it and the people were.




On this particular Saturday morning they were young eclectic and there was even a pooch darting in and out; there was always something to look at. Curiosity got the better of me and I tried the Stone Cold Dirty Hippy (iced chai latte with honey, double shot espresso on soy). The honey was a great addition; the drink quite a generous serving and was stone cold which was great as it was a hot day. This was a drink best enjoyed on its own with so much flavour.

Food wise; croissants and indulgent French cheeses populated the themed menu with no food item going without a hit of flavour and maybe a touch of heat.


Out the back through a narrow original architecture walkway it opens up to a bustling pocket of air terrace with groups of young people laughing chatting eating drinking. A massive coffee pot overlooks this secret oasis and standing there you feel for a moment that you're somewhere else; Hunter Street is nowhere to be seen and the vibe is good.





Our final snobbing (where we gather at a Newcastle café to taste and review their coffee) for the year is Saturday 6th December at The Hood Milk Bar; The Junction. Look at our Facebook page for the event and details or Instagram.