Susuru, a grand opening, by David Fulham / by David Fulham

Susura Opening NM_30-10-17186.jpg

It's an authentic Ramen and Gyoza restaurant (Japanese soup noodle and dumpling). Space
has a great feel. A huge table situates the middle hall, small separate seating surrounds. A very
inner-city vibe. Newcastle urbanisation. Watch the street while you eat. The food is great. Talk to the owners. They have a passion for what they do. Every dish has a cool story. The Vegan Ramen was amazing.

Susura Opening NM_30-10-17129.jpg

A special potato and mushroom broth make the sauce base. Vegan Ramen is hard to come by in Japan so it's awesome that we have it here.

Lots of options for any budget. We got to go on opening night and that was really special. Thanks, Susuru.

Susura Opening NM_30-10-1774.jpg