60 seconds with... Studio Melt / by Kian West

60 seconds with… Studio Melt

With Ange

By Kian West



Hey Ange, thanks for your time, can we start by talking a little bit about where Studio Melt is for all our readers that haven’t visited you yet?

egads - I would hope that rumours of the Hunter St Mall’s rejuvination would have lead at least some of you down to check out some of the new cafes, stores and renew Newcastle spaces. We’re smack bang in the middle.


And what exactly goes on inside Studio Melt? Hmmmm. Well on any given day you might see us making our own jewellery, unpacking the work of other studio based artists that we also sell or maybe Suzy (Manning) running a workshop teaching other people how to make jewellery.

So Who should come in and visit? Everybody. Well, maybe it would help if you are interested in art, craftsmanship, handmade or design.


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself Ange? I am a jeweller that moved to Newcastle 7 years ago from Sydney. I worked from a home studio continuing to make jewellery and send it off to be sold at jewellery stores and galleries in larger cities. I met another jeweller that had recently moved to Sydney and had kids a similar age and we decided with our kids starting school it was time to start taking our jewellery making back into more interactive, less isolated environment. With the generous help and support of renew Newcastle - Studio Melt was born.


Here at Mirage we are really keen to see Novocastrians “Shop Local” during the Christmas period this year, are there a couple of highlights in-store that locals should make a special effort to come in and check-out? oh boy, just a couple? We have a whole store full of goodies, but among the most quintessentially Newcastle, are prints by local artists Trevor Dickinson and Liz Annelli and also jewellery made from coal found on the beach by Sophia Emmett.



image008 Newcastle has wealth of hidden creative talent and Studio Melt is a great place to learn more about the amazing work they do.