Stranger Than Friends, by Ryan Williams / by Ryan Williams

Stranger Than Friends have been around for a while; you might have already seen them. They might be right behind you right now. Previously Big Chief and the Bottle Openers, Stranger Than Friends have done a rebrand (and It’s all got a very scrabble-y vibe) and dropped their eponymous debut EP.

Tell us a little bit about the band?

Formed about 3 years ago. We all went to primary school together, ages between 18-19. Played pretty much every venue in Newy  - We’ve supported the likes of Ocean Alley and The Gooch Palms.

What brought on the name change?

There was mounting controversy over our name at the time (Big Chief and the bottle openers). You have to pick your battles and we didn’t feel like it was worth it so we changed to stranger than friends.

Who are your influences?

Early Black Sabbath, Tool & Pink Floyd.

Tell us about what went into this EP?

It’s pretty much a compilation of songs we have been writing since the start of the band. We took a long time to find our sound and in many ways are still finding it hence the mix of genres. We recorded with Fraser Marshall (pals) and Jack Clark (every band in Newcastle). The EP chronicles the origins of the band.

There is a show coming up?

10th June- Bandapalooza 3 at the Lass. A few out of town dates over the uni holidays as well.

What should people expect?

A zesty performance.

What is next?

Aiming to have a faster turnaround for the second EP. Hopefully, we will have something out later this year.

Like the man said in the interview – catch the lads 10th June at Bandapalooza 3 at the Lass O’Gowrie.