Spectacularly Seedy / by Kian West


Spectacularly Seedy.

Introducing a Newcastle born initiative aimed at helping people become a bit more seedy on the weekends.


So every now and then I hear about someone who is doing something inspiring. This month it's a Novocastrian who has been experimenting with a unique idea, which aims to help, you keep your veggie patch pumping.

The idea sprung from the following scenario:adrian


“I plant heaps of lettuce, wait a month for it to grow, and then think

Hooray, I never have to buy food again! [happy face]

Then one month later when all the lettuce has gone to seed, I think

I wish I planted more lettuce last month [sad face]”

There is a certain discipline to planting stuff in the veggie patch continuously - a discipline I certainly don't possess. On those floaty weekends when all you want to do is bimble around in the veggie patch and drink a big coffee (maybe check out the beach...) who wants to have to exert the energy thinking about what veggies are in season, what to plant, how many seeds you need and all the things. Once that's done, you then spend half the day getting to the nursery and back. Wouldn't it be great if someone did the thinking for me? Less planning, more planting!

With a passion for gardening gifted to him from his grandfather, Adrian was determined to develop a system for his veggie patch which worked for him. He signed up to an email service which sends season-specific reminders of which seeds to plant per month. This is all well and good, but Adrian thought of taking it one step further: why not just send the actual seeds?

BRILLIANT IDEA! 'Seedy People' was born.packetb&w_WEB

He looked online and found only one similar project - in London. Starting from scratch with a test group of friends, family and a few online stragglers who came across the idea, the experiment began. Drawing from seasonal planting guides, descriptions on seed packets and from local anecdotes, Adrian started sending out seeds to the subscribers. Between 6 and 9 types of veggies are in each packet, including bite sized info on how to sow the seed and grow them with ease. Not too complicated, hangover compatible.

The 'Seedy people' experiment is growing, and the number of subscribers is on the up. The thing that I really like about this project is that anything goes, and Adrian is the first to admit that. It has grown naturally, from word of mouth and the support of green-fingered friends. I passionately believe that in order to turn a simple idea in to a hit, in a town like Newcastle, you have to involve the community and engage with your customers. Adrian certainly is happy to receive feedback on this project, and during the phone call we had, he was keen to listen to my suggestions.

Probably the coolest thing I like about this project, is that it's not happening as a money spinning scheme. Adrian just wants to make gardening easier for himself and just so happens to be at a point where he can start helping you too. It's a simple idea that conveniently prompts you to get out there and do it.

In an age where so much of our time is spent online, looking into the electronic depths of our smart/dumb phones, it's so nice to be given a reminder to get some sun and plant a seed.

Visit www.seedy.adrian.com.au for more info. The first 5 people to subscribe get it free – just use the coupon code: 20nn5

Lots of mulch,

Chris Brown.