SO MUCH MUSIC... W/ Spencer & Chris / by Newcastle Discovered

This month is filled with pop-rock, and starts with a strong recommendation to go and listen to a Bandcamp-exclusive release.

Josh Ingle has been slaving away in his bedroom for a number of years. In the daylight hours he goes to the Conservatory, and he fills his night with a project under the name Jingle. A four-track EP is online now, and it is some of the best indie electro-pop that has ever emerged from this town. He’s supporting Yon Yonson at The Edwards on March 2nd.

The latest EP from Dave has been out a number of months, but we only just got our hands on one. These guys have been playing the Newcastle traps hard over the last year, and this EP puts them in the same sphere as a band like British India: great songs, great playing and crisp production. Tracks like ‘Do Ya’ should have been flogged by Triple J, they’re so good.

I have to say, I've never been one to liken Vacations to that wimpy Canadian Mac DeMarco; but the guitar sounds on their new EP Vibes are full of that Mac sound. Luckily Campbell’s lazily tuneful vocals pull it out of being a direct copy. Vacations are a band that don’t sit back and wait for things. These guys are on the move, gaining new fans all around the world. The six tracks on Vibes are the sound of a lazy Newcastle summer afternoon; they meander along like a well-oiled machine – looping and dipping in and out of the speakers like a drug-induced teenager. There’s a lot of DeMarco and The Strokes in Vacations, but it’s early days in their life, and as time goes on they have so much talent to form into something very original.

Last, but not least is one of the most talked about bands in Newcastle: The Treehouse Children, who have just released their debut EP Please. It’s classic indie pop – a bit of this and a bit of that, with a fresh and vibrant sound that gives the idea that catching these guys live would be a great time. Bits of early Supergrass and Kaiser Chiefs ring out through the speakers, with catchy hooks all over the place, reminding you of a drive up the coast on a beautiful spring day. Standout tracks are definitely their self-titled song, and ‘Grizzly Bear’ – an ode perhaps?