So Much Music - May, By Dunny & Spencer / by Newcastle Discovered

Record Store Day is in the books for the year, and we want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with us. It was an absolutely massive day, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Big thanks to Audie, Boots Porter, Lachlan X. Morris and Loui Abel for performing on the day too.

It’s back to work for us in the shop. Record Store Day is wonderful, but we are still here the other 362 days a year too (we take two days off, sorry). It’s a lot more relaxed the rest of the year, so if a coffee and a chat is more your style than waiting in line – come in and say g’day.

But now, onto some local releases:


These Waves is a new 4-track EP by local artist e4444e, and you can grab it now on CD in the shop. This release just keeps getting put on repeat in the shop, and it always makes the day go a little faster. It comes in at under 25 minutes in length, but its ability to take you on a journey in such a small time should be commended.

It’s electronic music with an indie lean and a sample-heavy production. It has the creative energy of a young kid building these landscapes alone in their room – simply because they can. This is the second release from e4444e, and as their production and musical ear grow, so will this project. One to watch, we reckon.

There’s nothing more exciting to Dunny than when a local band brings their release into the shop, and it’s on vinyl! Luckily, that’s exactly what The Not Nots have done. Brain Heart Confusion is the debut album for the band who only formed last year. They’re fronted by Anthony Dean, who some Novocastrians may remember from the band Sandpaper.

The Not Nots add a slight garage-punk edge to the power-pop sound of the 90s; from bands like The Lemonheads and Superchunk to more local flavours like You Am I and The Sunnyboys – it is fitting that the first song on the album is entitled ‘Going To See The Pixies’.

The album is a rapid-fire of short and hooky songs. Very few tracks stick around for longer than two and half minutes – with a track like ‘Take’ saying all it needs to say in under 50 seconds. Come in and grab it, it’s on vinyl!