SO MUCH MUSIC: March, By Dunny / by Spencer Scott

Newcastle has a prestigious history with Hardcore. I could spend this whole article just listing great Hardcore Punk bands that have come out of this town. It’s a tradition that continues to this day with bands like Ill Natured.

Pardon the language, but the new Ill Natured album rips shit. It’s an aural onslaught from the opening blast. It’s that sludge-y, pounding type of Hardcore that owes as much to Entombed as it does Minor Threat. Metal and Punk have often walked together in parallel lines, and Ill Natured show why it’s so damn good when they cross paths. Even Travis Barker felt compelled to give the band a shoutout on Instagram!

The new album, ‘Twisted Vision’, is out now on Last Ride Records; a great DIY Hardcore label based in Newcastle. It’s labels like this that are the backbone of the Australian music industry - and what we do here at The Edwards Shop.

Keeping with all things Punk Rock, there’s one Newy release that just slid into the end of 2017 - Hack The Mainframe released their debut album ‘Disorders Of Consciousness’.

The five-piece have been building a strong local following over the past few years; building themselves from the ashes of Pants Optional and Wiseheimer. Their new album is full of tight, polished Skate-Punk that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Punk-O-Rama CD. There’s a lot of that Fat Wreck/Epitaph sound; calling to mind acts like Bad Religion and Rise Against with octave guitar lines and vocal harmonies.

It’s out now through mainstay Punk label Pee Records; who also recently released a killer Split 7” between The Decline from Perth and Newcastle’s own Local Resident Failure. It features a brand new song from each band, and then they take a turn covering each others songs! If Skate Punk is your business, then this is for you!

Finally, two things to check out online. Split Feed have returned after their hiatus with a new song. ‘Something More’ fits right into the band’s old sound, but with a little bit of influence from the likes of Luca Brasi.

Old Newcastle/Sydney outfit Purplene have uploaded an unreleased song to Spotify. ‘Dead Letter Offers’ was recorded during the band’s time with iconic producer Steve Albini, but never released until now. Hobbledehoy Records are re-issuing the band’s self-titled album on vinyl for the first time, but more on that later.