SO MUCH MUSIC - JUNE, with Spencer & Chris / by Newcastle Discovered

It’s been a great month for local releases coming into the shop.

First up, we have Pals and their CD, In-Between. Like a lost indie/grunge album, these guy’s songs and sounds could have been top of the pops in the 90’s. You could see them on Recovery, with kids going wild in their flanno shirts and baggy skate pants. It’s at times a little derivative but comes across with great love and respect for those lost 90’s sounds. Not breaking any new ground, but they sure would make a great night out with friends and beer...or a great night in with this CD and friends and beer.

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Voodoo Youth and William John Jr have released a split 7” single together, and along with Pals, are loosely part of the no-fi scene in Newcastle. It officially came out on Record Store Day this year and was proudly The Edwards Shop’s biggest seller that day. 

Voodoo Youth also lean into the 90’s grunge sound, maybe more influenced by ‘Bleach’ than ‘Nevermind’, however. But it rolls and sludges out of the speakers like a lost sub-pop 7”. If this had hit the turntables in 1990, it would have set many mouths wagging.

William John Jr’s side of the 7” takes us even further back, capturing that classic sound when the beat musicians of 66-67 were discovering the Marshall instead of the Vox, and wielding Gibson guitars, instead of Rickenbackers or Fenders. It’s tough and it’s loud, no doubt about it. You can hear elements of classic Easybeats (if they were on acid) ring out from the deep grooves.

It must be our lucky month because there are two vinyl releases this time. The Not Nots are a personal project of Anthony Dean, a local muso that has been playing around since those previously mentioned, 90’s grunge days. ‘Brain Heart Confusion’ calls back to the days when a band could set up in a lounge room and just start jamming. In places, it’s fast and furious, like Superchunk on speed. Next minute it’s a down and dirty sludgefest. This debut album is a great drinking album and one for the lost days of the last century. It will set the scene for an intense afternoon of noise, with the melody seeping through the tracks. 

Also, prepare yourself for a new album from Muzzy Pep; coming to a stereo near you in the next month.

Spencer Scott & Chris Dunn