So much Music – JULY - Spencer Scott + Chris Dunn / by Newcastle Discovered

Far out, so much local music coming into the shop. We don't even have a moment to talk about the new album from Muzzy Pep; if you want to hear more about it, you’ll have to wait until next month, or come in and let Dunny chew your ear off.

Split Feed have dropped off some of the final copies of their EP Late Bloomer. The band absolutely packed out the Cambo sidebar for the last show (for a while). This EP will really resonate with fans of Australia's current guitar revival.

Likewise, Dave have released YOCH! Bangers Vol.1 – a follow-up to last year's EP Poor Kelpie. The four-piece are really nailing down their sound, but at the same time aren't afraid to dip their toes in other waters. This one is getting a lot of spins by Dunny this month.

Finally, local singer/songwriter Ben Leece has released his first single, and it's on vinyl! You may recognize Leece as the frontman behind The Delta Lions, as well as a guitarist for Hazards. Ben Leece has been playing solo around town for a while, finally releasing something for the town to sink their fangs into.

Leece has worked hard to put together one of the best packages we’ve received from a local artist in a long time; the lathe-cut 7" is in there, but it also comes with a wonderful A4 art print, a digital download, and a one-of-a-kind Polaroid picture in every package. Only 50 have been made, so it truly feels like a treat to own one.

The thing that makes ‘Hank Volume 1’ so special, though, is what sits between the grooves. Leece has truly found his sound; settling into an alternative country sound that feels right for him. Working with Trent Crawford (a former member of One Dollar Short and an alt-country name in his own right) has brought the sound Leece was searching for to life. Look no further than the guest vocal from Tori Forsyth on the song 'Trace' – simply remarkable.

Countless classic songwriters can be recalled when describing Leece: Ryan Adams, Jason Isbell, and Paul Westerberg. This is some of the best songwriting we’ve heard come out of Newcastle this year, hands down.

What's coming in over the next month? We’re stocking the debut albums of Rort Menace and Tired Minds – two fantastic Newcastle punk outfits.