SO MUCH MUSIC, Guest written by Spencer Scott / by Newcastle Discovered

Spencer Scott can be found in The Edwards Shop whenever Chris 'Dunny' Dunn is not. 
So this month when Dunny was not, we asked Spencer what was hot... 

We have finally made our way into 2017, but before we dive into a year of amazing new releases, let’s take a look at the last few local bands to drop their music off at The Edwards Shop in 2016.

Local four-piece DAVE released their latest EP Poor Kelpie back in July, but now that we’re sweating in summer, it’s the perfect time to revisit. It’s filled with big power-pop moments with a lo-fi edge. Horror-punk outfit DOG ACT has done away with the conventional release format; their new album Space, Lust, Magic Dust & Tales Of The Ghost Rider is available as a photobook with a download code. Each song has two pages filled with photos and lyrics. It’s something different in this post-CD era. And finally, Newcastle hardcore legends CONATION have re-issued their debut album The Dichotomy Of Earth And The Human Race on vinyl for the first time ever. Uncompromising in both its politics and sound, this release borders on powerviolence, and is an essential listen for anybody in Newcastle’s (or Australia’s) punk scene.

Image is of DAVE via their Facebook page. Image by Matt Briggs

Image is of DAVE via their Facebook page. Image by Matt Briggs


We are constantly looking for more local releases. Have one? Come in and see us.