Skyepaint | 'What Do You Say' Review & Feature w/ Hannah Stretton / by Hannah Stretton

Album artwork for Skyepaint's newest single 'What Do You Say' - design by  Craig Wellings

Album artwork for Skyepaint's newest single 'What Do You Say' - design by Craig Wellings

Back in March we gave a little shout-out to the beautiful electronic synth-pop duo, Amos & Emily, as they made their return to the stage at Darby Street Live. Now, in wake of a new single and some other pretty exciting things on the horizon, we are showcasing the talents of one-half of the duo, Amos Wellings a.k.a Skyepaint - the indie-electronic mastermind that is revamping, re-distinguishing and re-furbishing the indie-electronic genre.

Having only dropped his debut single, 'Maybe It's My Fault', late in 2017, Amos has quickly established a name for himself as one of the 'new' kids to watch on the block, having even played as the support act for MEZKO on the Newy leg of their EP tour.

Amos really knows how to connect with a crowd and somehow finds a way to package that experience up and release that into his tracks. Each song gives you that sense of euphoria you get on the dance floor, where there are those stolen glances and you find yourself being caught in those rare, but marvellous moments.

Photography by   Regan Pickles

Photography by Regan Pickles

Dropping today is his newest single, 'What Do You Say', and luckily we got to have a sneaky listen to it before it's release. I gotta say, in my opinion, the sky is the only limit for Skyepaint (see what I did there?) 😉This guy will be going places...

His lyricism and poeticism is something to marvel at, with 'What Do You Say' being no exception. Amos evokes emotions that are familiar to us all, in an attempt to re-assure and re-connect us to our own individual truth & journey - to not be afraid or ashamed of our own personal struggles, excitements and overall feelings.

... I feel like any opportunities I’ve ever looked back on as “missed” were, in hindsight, probably not a good fit to begin with. The best is definitely yet to come. 
— Amos Wellings (Skyepaint)

This song is meant to shift perspectives - to demonstrate how 'missed opportunities' aren't necessarily bad for us, or something you've 'missed' out on, but an opportunity to grow & learn more about yourself & your needs. Skyepaint's music exhibits a sense of wisdom well beyond it's years - a real Shakespeare meets Avicii moment (R.I.P) 😔

Ahead of his performance at The Cambridge Hotel on Sunday night (29th April), where he will be playing alongside some amazing acts, such as Rachel Maria Cox, Vast Hill and FOEMEN, we got to speak to the man behind Skyepaint and pick his brain about his newest single & what to expect next... 

Skyepaint at Raave Tapes 'Shhh' Top Secret House Show - Photography by   Matthew Waddingham

Skyepaint at Raave Tapes 'Shhh' Top Secret House Show - Photography by Matthew Waddingham

Things are really kicking off for you as Skyepaint - you’ve had a few gigs, a couple stellar tunes & now the release of ‘What Do You Say’ - how does it feel going solo & having something that is completely your own?

It feels great! It’s still a relatively new project but I’m definitely proud of everything I’ve done under the Skyepaint name so far.

It can be a slow burn at times because I naturally tend to second-guess myself a lot when it comes to music, but I think that can happen with every creative project, solo or collaborative.

These songs have been mostly really well-received and I don’t take that for granted.

Speaking of some great tunes, ‘What Do You Say’ is your most recent creation (officially released today) and I gotta say it’s one that feels a lot more personal than some of your other work. How did you get to a place where writing & producing ‘What Do You Say’ was the next step for you? 

I’ve had the lyrics and structure of 'What Do You Say' kicking around for about a year now, but the sound and production style has changed a few times.

After releasing my previous single, 'Bury Us in Gold', I felt like it was important to follow it up with something a little more restrained and dynamic.

A few close friends had singled out 'What Do You Say' as their favourite part of my live set, and so the decision to finish and release it as the next single gradually became a no-brainer.

In my opinion, ‘What Do You Say’ is a song we can all relate to. We’ve all wondered, at some point, if we’ve missed our chance. Was your aim to express that with this song? Have there been a few missed opportunities for the guy behind Skyepaint?

When I moved back to Australia from London at the end of 2016, it felt like the life I had over there ended fairly abruptly, and so most of the lyrics I wrote in 2017 were really just me trying to unpack and process that jarring feeling.

'What Do You Say' is less about dwelling on a missed opportunity and more about acknowledging that another opportunity will eventually come, and wondering what you can do better next time.

As for me, I feel like any opportunities I’ve ever looked back on as “missed” were, in hindsight, probably not a good fit to begin with. The best is definitely yet to come. So wise Amos, so wise - when are you going to make a podcast? I'd listen.

Photography by   Regan Pickles

Photography by Regan Pickles

Rounding things up, ‘What Do You Say’ is quickly becoming one of my favourite tracks of yours, but how do you personally feel about it? Cause you should definitely feel proud of it. 

Thanks so much Hannah, I am really happy with it. I must have listened to it hundreds of times during the writing and mixing process and I’m still not totally sick of it, so that’s a good sign!

Okay, I lie - last question; what more can we expect to see from Skyepaint in the future? An E.P perhaps? 😉

I have a few more shows over the coming months still yet to be announced, including my first Sydney show, which I’m super excited about.

As for new music, I really like the idea of my next release being a double A-side and putting out two new tunes on the same day.

Next thing you’ll see from me though will be the music video for 'What Do You Say', so keep your eyes peeled for that!


There you have it kids! Skyepaint's newest single 'What Do You Say' is officially out now - so check out Spotify, iTunes, Triple J Unearthed, etc., & abuse the crap out of that play button! 

Also, be sure to catch Skyepaint at any of his upcoming shows, with the next one being held this Sunday at the Cambridge Hotel - be there or be square. 

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