Shop Local this Christmas - Top spots to visit / by Kian West

You know we love Newcastle and absolutely adore working with locals to make the city better. 
That definitely includes shopping at local stores and assisting them to grow because that means we all grow. With that in mind, we put a call out last week asking for suggestions of places people should shop. We got a little inundated with suggestions. Here are as many of them as we could list.

Please note that this is such a tiny fraction of the awesome shops available around Newcastle and we do apologise to anyone we have missed. Take a wander through Hunter Street Mall, Darby Street, Beaumont Street and down to the shops in Islington along Maitland Road... Even in Westfield Kotara or Charlestown Square you can find some local flavours just by looking a little bit. 

Support your friends with businesses that are selling stuff. Seriously, it can change someones whole life if you bought from them instead of some mega-mart. Go to the local Markets like: Hunt & Gather, Olive Tree or Five Senses!