Have you started noticing books wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine, sitting in your favourite local haunt around Newcastle? No, someone didn't accidentally leave it behind. It's been placed there just for you.


Secret Book Stuff is a random act of kindness project to spread the love of literature and create a little more magic in the world. All books are wrapped in 100% recyclable paper and biodegradable hemp twine, with a handwritten message inside.

How can you get involved?
Find a secret book in a cafe, bus stop or doorstep around Newcastle, or head to the website to donate $11 and enter a message to send a book to a friend anywhere in Australia. Secret Book Stuff is a completely non-profit kindness project, and your donation covers postage and eco-conscious materials.

So what's the point of all this?
The founder is a writer and self-confessed bibliophile, who knows first-hand that the best way to feel better and see love in the world is to do something kind for someone else. Not to be too dark, but in a time of political turmoil, global unrest, increasing rates of suicide and a changing climate, every single human can use an act of kindness. Plus, who doesn't love unwrapping gifts?

Who's this bibliophile you speak of?
Amy Love is a writer, editor and lecturer based in Newcastle, most well-known for her blog Cool People Doing Cool Things, where she profiles local creatives and entrepreneurs with a social good focus, in collaboration with Newcastle Mirage. She watched that Minimalism documentary on Netflix and thought 'Hmm, do I really need almost 1,000 books adorning every corner and crevasse of my home?' Books bring her joy, so she's hoping these pre-loved books will make you smile too.

Find @secretbookstuff on Instagram and Facebook and visit for more information.