Setting the bar high in colour, by Rayannon Innes / by Newcastle Discovered

Setting the bar high in colour

Following last year’s highly successful collaborative charity exhibition Hell or Highwater, Sophia Flegg’s bold painterly pieces have made a reappearance in The Edwards, and they’re here to stay. Disappointed on missing the chance to purchase one of Sophia’s sold-out exhibition pieces, Edwards publican Chris Joannou went one step further by requesting she paint a commissioned mural to be permanently hung in the main bar area of the iconic Parry Street establishment.

sophia flegg

Sophia was given complete reign over the piece. The stripped back, low-lit space was the perfect canvas. For an artist who admits to thriving on a bit of creative chaos it took a mere five days for Sophia to execute the work onto six huge, metre-wide mural panels.

“The room was quite dark and serious”, she explained. “So I thought, how can I mess this up a little bit?.”

‘Nocturnal Animals’, is an eye-popping injection of colour and frivolity where Sophia’s iconographic characters work in telling a narrative perfectly fit for its equally animated environment. Having clearly made the right statement, Sophia has already received commissions for future murals and smaller painted works by admirers of the main bar’s new feature.

While Sophia continues to work on a number of commissioned pieces including mural back drops and album artwork for the likes of local music collective Madhouse DJs, Sophia is currently developing a poetry book that combines her photography, illustration and writing. Sophia intends to publish the book by the end of the year of which she plans to curate a launch event inviting local women within music, writing and the arts to exhibit alongside her work.

If you wish to make a purchase of one of her pieces or request a commission from Sophia, you can email her at or call her on 0499 776 969.